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Beauty: Vita Liberata Bronzing Minerals

So lately I have discussed tanning with you all, and shared a couple of my favourite faux tanning products I have been relying on for a bronzed body this Summer (such as this two hour developing tan I blogged about here). So today I wanted to share with you another fantastic tanning product I’ve found to work wonderfully, however, it is slightly different to the usual tans I have been discussing. This one is ideally for the face and decolletage, and comes in the form of bronzing minerals from self tanning brand Vita Liberata.

When I’m all stripped down, completely bare of any traces of make-up, I’m naturally very fair skinned. I don’t like to go a shade darker with my foundation to try and add a deeper colour as I think a flawless face is much more achievable when you match your foundation exact to your skin shade. A natural way for me to achieve a bronzed look is to apply the bronzing product as the final touch to my daily make-up look, like you can see below – a nice subtle bronzed glow is added to my face.

what emma did
The best thing about the photo above (apart from the fact it’s a car selfie, obviously…) is that I look really minimal and fresh, no severe contouring or obvious bronzing. Instead, my skin has a warn glow and look of radiance – the result of sweeping over a touch of Vita Liberata Bronzing Minerals in the Light shade with the included Kabuki brush.

The incredible factor with this product is that it is actually a self tanner, that isn’t designed to wash off your face with the rest of your make-up! The Trystal3™ Technology combines an instant pure mineral bronze colour with long lasting self tan results to provide a natural looking tan that actually lasts for days. The innovative formula is a world first self tanning bronzer. It is oil – free, with micronised crystals for sheer, lightweight bronzing coverage and added DHA so that the tan effect lasts. The developed tan lasts up to a maximum of five days, therefore healthy looking bronzed skin is achieved. Makes a change from using gels, creams and sprays to ensure a lasting tan, and I certainly feel better using a light dusting of powder than applying sticky lotions…

vita liberata
vita liberata
vita liberata
I got this product from online beauty retailer Look Fantastic, one of my favourite places to shop all things beauty, hair and fragrance due to it’s constant newness, extensive brand stockists and delightful offers. It’s a fairly pricey tanning product, £35 for 9oz, but it really is one of the best bronzing powders I have used, and is definitely the only one to provide a lasting tan too. Such a unique little find!

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What Emma Did

What Emma Did