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Beauty: Top Beauty and Fragrance Travel Products

It’s one thing having a number of favourite key beauty items, but what about when your escaping for a mini weekend away, or a relaxing fortnight in the sun? Some of the key beauty products I use daily just wouldn’t be ideal to lug around in a suitcase. It wouldn’t be ideal to pack items such as my Garnier Mircella Water in it’s overly chunky shape, my tall bottle of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, and the over decorative bottle of Marc Jacobs Dot Parfum – with all its fancy wings and ladybird design poking out everywhere.  A couple of people have asked me recently for advise regarding the best and handiest beauty products to take away with them for their holiday this year, so I’ve rounded-up some of my thoughts into today’s blog post…

Hylamide SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum and Anti-Age Advanced Serum 
I’ve raved about the brands at Deciem before (remember my post about growing your locks super long and strong with Grow Gorgeous?), and here I am raving about them again. The Hylamid SubQ Eyes and Anti-Age Advanced Serums come in little pots, although don’t let the size deceive you. These are powerful, effective serums just packed into a handy sized bottle. If you want to keep up your under-eye beauty regimes when going abroad, the SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum is fantastic -the high-strength serum concentrate uses a wide array of peptides, plant saccharides and active technologies to rehydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and crows feet. Puffiness and dark circles are also targeted too, and as this product is super strength it aims to provide immediate and long-term results. Definitely the eye serum you want to take a way with you. The same applies for the Anti-Age Advanced Serum, which contains five forms of hyaluronic compounds to target multiple depths: hylauronic acid to assist with elasticity and hydration, skin plumping, rehydration, skin renewal and moisture loss. Both come in pipette style applicator 30ml bottles, great for popping in your beauty bag to keep your skin looking young and fresh when away!

Glam Glow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment Masks
Now this product is the holy grail of skin clearing face masks. I last used this product a long while ago when it first launched, and noticed it’s incredible ‘powers’ at brightening the skin and unclogging all the congestion that builds up. After using this mask, my skin was amazingly soft! And it has a really thick mud-type texture when applying, yet dries like a real mud mask too. I’ll actually never forget using it because I genuinely was really impressed. It’s quite pricey to keep purchasing – it costs £44.99 for 34g (although I can see why as it really does do what it says) – but why not get your hands on sachet sizes of this product if possible and try to take them away with you? Or ask for it as a birthday treat, as the little tub is so small and nifty to pop into luggage. It would be the ultimate skin clarifying mask to bring on holiday! Have a more in-depth read here

my little chloe
l'eua de chloe
roses de chloe

molecule 01
And last but not least, holiday and travel inspired fragrances!

My Little Chloe Eau de Parfum Collection and Molecule 01
Now these options are some seriously good travel fragrances you need to know about. Firstly, the adorable My Little Chloe Eau de Parfum Collection. The most adorable little parfums I have ever used. these three 20ml Chloe scents are the perfect companions to pop into your luggage. Not only does ther My Little Chloe collection offer three beautiful fragrances, but they also look super cute too.Chloe Eau de Parfum is the signiture scent, then there is also the lovely Rose de Chloe, a fresh yet subtle scent, and L’Eau de Chloe, made with 22% natural rose water, giving a  scent which is fresh, carefree, and feminine. The My Little Chloe is the sweetest gift for a friend, or even just yourself, as the bottles are more than ideal to pop in your handbag, overnight bag, and definitely for those Summer holidays.

Secondly, I discovered the lovely Sue Parkinson brand and their collection of Escentric Molecule perfumes from Berlin-based perfumer Geza Schoen.  The story of his influential range of molecular scents began when he isolated a single molecule, Iso E, an ingredient found in many commercial perfumes, but he fell in love with the way it smelt on its own, creating the idea for a perfume with just one ingredient. It’s beautifully unique, and a scent to be worn if you want to really stand out. I have the Esecentric Molecule 01 travel size (30ml), which is perfect for your travels. If you love knowing about quirky scents and more individual types, I’d suggest looking into the Esecntric Molecule collection as its a super cool range.  Sue Parkinson is in general a fantastic lifestyle store, Sue Parkinson established in 1973 in the beautiful Cotswold village of Broadway. To this day it is still family run after nearly 40 years, with a great mix of clothing, home wares, fragrance and body products set in beautiful historic buildings in the Cotswold towns of Broadway and Cirencester. For those who can’t really get up North often, the online store is just as great, which you can check out here.

So there you go – a perfect round up of travel favourites! Enjoy your trips if you are off to anywhere nice this Summer…

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