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Beauty: The Best How To’s on YouTube

emma cambell whatemmadid
whatemmadid emma campbell
So the girl world has gone slightly YouTube mad. I remember when I used to only use YouTube back in the day for guitar chord tutorials and baking how-to’s, but now my beauty, skin and hair regimes are totally dependent on it. Hands up (if you are a girl) and you have never used YouTube to find out how to create show stopping eye make-up, or how to create beach inspired waves? The point is that makeup, skincare and beauty related videos are taking the world by storm, creating some fail-safe bible-esque content for us, and not even to mention some of the YouTube heroes that we subscribe to and get fixated with their lives. It goes without saying it’s fairly easy to start stalking Zoella and witnessing a whole evening pass you by…

I fell into the YouTube addiction a while ago, although I am yet to find time to break into the YouTube creator world myself. Which is fine, as I’m more than happy with watching a couple of videos before I go to bed, or heading to my fave channels when I need some ‘expert’ help. One of my favourite YouTube channels is Mrs Rodial – the business brains and founder behind the beauty brand Rodial. I find it covers so many tutorials on everything ‘help’ wise I could possiby need; contouring, highlighting, bronzing… not to mention creating the perfect brows and a smouldering smokey eye. The two photos of me above are my replications of creating a ‘Cara Delevingne Brow’ which the Mrs Rodial channel educates. I watch the video regularly when I need to focus more attention on my brows!

As I always love to share everything with my readers, I’ve drawn up a quick fire round up of some of my favourite go-to videos from the Mrs Rodial channel, that I find myself watching numerous times:


mrsrodial a
mrsrodial b
1. Cara Delevingne Power Brow
As mentioned above, this speedy video shows you in no time at all how to transform fair and thin brows into a bold, Cara style brow. My replicated look is also showcased above, however due to naturally having dark eyebrows I’m pretty lucky this one doesn’t involve a lot of work from my side…

2. The Paparazzi Day Sculpt
Want to achieve razor sharp sculpted cheeks? This tutorial has it covered, showing you how to achieve a natural looking defined face using makeup.

mrsrodial e
mrsrodial f
3. The Hollywood Extreme Smokey Eye
Even though I am a trained makeup artist, I’m always seeking new inspiration from other makeup artists about creating a show stopping smokey eye. There is always more to learn and tips to pick up. This video is my number one refresher video before I create a dark eyed look for an clients.

mrsrodial h
mrsrodial i

4. What To Pack For Vacation
This is more of a general lifestyle themed video, which is a good video to watch before packing for an upcoming holiday. Maris – Mrs Rodial – discusses her essential vacation picks and how she packs best. If your not going away on holiday any time soon, this video sure makes you want to…

mrsrodial l
5. How I Started My Business
A great video for those entrepreneurs and ideas people! Even if you don’t have set plans to launch a business, Maria’s advice and personal story is inspiring and uplifting. She has such a wealth of knowledge to share, and I love to watch this little video to boost my creative plans and see life with a more positive outlook.

Do you have any favourite YouTube channels or certain vloggers you would love to recommend?

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