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Beauty: Spring Ready Feet With Simply Feet

In my mind, I may be Spring ready, but one thing is for sure – my feet definitely aren’t. I’ve spent the past 6 months hiding them in big comfy socks and clumpy boots, rarely even painting my toe nails let along looking after them in terms of keeping the skin soft and buffed in order to start dressing them up in strappy, revealing sandals.

Last week, I took my suitcases filled with Summer dresses from the whatemmadid.com boutique and went on set for an SS15 shoot. When it came to shooting my beach-ready playsuits and sundresses with bare feet, I suddenly realised that I can’t ignore them any longer; Summer is creeping up and it’s time to get my feet in tip top shape!

simply feet
simply feet
You may be wondering why I have showcased photographs of my feet hidden in fluffy socks, but that’s the whole point – I have taken up a new way this year of getting my feet Spring/Summer ready. Simply Feet supply a range of foot care products such as gel socks and creams which aim to moisturise and soften the entire plantar surface of the foot as well as heels and toe, to help with getting feet into great condition. These GelX Gel Pamper Socks, £18, are fantastic – although at first they do feel slightly strange as the inner lining is made up of a proprietary gel lining, which has a cold texture when I first popped them on. The gel releases a combination of skin nourishing hydrators, which help soften and improve the foots appearance.

After getting used to the sensation, they actually feel quite relaxing and cooling. It helps knowing that as I’m sat relaxing with them on, they are working their magic to soften up the skin.

simply feet
simply feet
simply feet
simply feet
As well as the GelX Gel Pamper Socks, I’ve been using the Gehwol Mother-of-Pearl Scrub, £6.50, for both legs and feet, which combines sugar crystals, wax balls and Mother-of-Pearl powder also from Simply Feet. Since using this on my feet, they feel so much softer as all the dead skin is exfoliated away. But the best item by far has to be my new Simply Feet Biodegradable Rasp Foot File, £5,- it is amazing at tackling dead skin by thoroughly exfoliating the soles of my feet. I’ve been using it once a week before bathing and it’s made such a difference.It actually feels really nice to use, more of a tickling feel than sharp or rough.

If you are looking for an alternative this Spring to getting your feet all ready for baring, then the combination of gel socks, a foot file and a targeted scrub are more than recommended in my eyes. I’m on my way to having really luscious feet!

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