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Beauty: PAPERSELF Tattoo Me

Remember when the intricate paper eyelashes trend launched? The beauty industry saw pretty, delicately cut paper eyelashes upon the eyes of the models of the catwalks, and thus PAPERSELF was introduced to me. And what beautiful paper eyelashes they make! I feel in love with the gorgeous new invention to fluttery false eyelashes.

PAPERSELF have also gone one step further, retailing a product line called ‘Tattoo Me’, which involves lovely, illustrated transferable tattoo’s to decorate your skin…

The collection includes detailed patterns to transfer wherever you like, without the devotion to a life-long permanent tattoo! I have been wearing the ‘Bee-Sting’ arrow tattoo’s, which feature a sweet little bee aiming an arrow (‘the sting’) which looks striking transferred onto my inner arm. The best thing about this cute little collection is that they are a really affordable way to jazz up your look. The Bee-Sting tattoo’s I have been wearing are £5 for a pack of 2.

They are really easy to apply, and last 2-4 days, making them a temporary beauty update. Loving this simple yet stylish way to improve my look…


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