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Beauty: Nivea Soft and Joesp Font

Cult brand Nivea Soft have collaborated with fashion designer Josep Font to create a limited edition range of designer packaging Nivea pots. His designs have transformed the usual chic and minimal Nivea creams to colourful, illustrated pots, which appear whimsical and fairy-tale like!

The fashion designer has created the re-vamped packaging pots for Nivea Moisturising cream, that can be used for hands, face and body. They are only available through April and May, so for the value price of £6.59 per pot, these are worth getting your hands on to liven up your beauty box!

The creams are packaged around the themes ‘Dream, Sea and Estella’, with each pot containing illustrations of sea creatures, mermaids, ladies faces and dashes of stiking colours. At first, I thought that with Nivea being such a well established brand, they didn’t need to go down the colloaboration route and create any fancy packaging. But now I’ve seen this, I feel all brands should try a limited edition designer packaging overhaul!

What do you think?

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