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Beauty: Nails Inc NailKale

nails inc nailkale
nails inc nailkale
It’s been a while since I have discussed a favourite nail look recently on whatemmadid.com, so today I am sharing with you my two newest polishes that I can’t stop wearing. From hero nail brand Nails Inc, these polishes have a slight difference to my usual collection of nail polishes, that being that they are actually part of a superfood nail range made with kale extract to promote stronger, smoother and healthier nails.

The Nails Inc Nailkale polish range is a new launch, which I personally love because I haven’t really come across a range of nailcare before in the form of polishes which use superfood extracts as a key ingredient to deliver healthier nails. I’m usually all about the pigment and the high shine gloss, but Nails Inc have opened my eyes to this new caring range, which comes in some absolutely beautiful colours.

Take a look at these two gorgeous shades I have from the NailKale NailBright rangeChelsea Embankment Mews and Knightsbridge Mews which are ideal for the Summer season…

nails inc nailkale
nails inc nailkale
nails inc nailkale
nails inc nailkale
nails inc nailkale
The Chelsea Embankment Mews NailBright NailKale Nail polish costs £14.00 and adds a flush of pearly pink to help nail the naked nail trend. The Knightsbridge Mews is more of a glossy peach, again creating that on trend nude look, with plenty of gloss and radiance. Both shades are lightly tinted in the base and have reflective glass pearls to ensure nails have just that littler touch of colour to look elegant and well looked after. I’ve been using these lovely shades for everyday wear to work, so my nails look bright, shiny and healthy without having to load on layers of colour.

These two NailBright polishes are powered by bee pollen, one of nature’s purist products. Bee-gathered pollen is rich in protein, vitamins and folic acid therefore you can see that it has been added to the NailKale range to create that inside and out glow for nails. I just adore these polishes!

Nails Inc have also launched a Superfood NailKale Base Coat and web exclusive sets of 3 colours, making the range a brilliant gift idea too.

Healthy looking nails shall be mine!


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