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Beauty: Mario Badescu Product Review

Today’s beauty review is featuring a brand I discovered in Australia, and I am delighted to see it has finally launched in Harvey Nichols stores in the UK! It depends how into your skincare brands you are as to whether or not you have heard of Mario Badescu before – it is a global famous brand however it’s more popular over in Australia and New Zealand. I discovered it when living in Sydney and was looking for an effective spot cream to pop on those annoying large spots that creep up one day and you just want them to vanish overnight.

mario badescu
This is where Mario Badescu Drying Lotion came in – it was recommended all over the beauty review websites in Australia. It’s a unique spot cream, as it comes in a small glass pot filled with pale pink sediment, and liquid filling it to the top, The application method is to dip a Q-tip into the pink sediment, and cover over your spot. You must not shake up the contents of the bottle – keep it upright so that the Q-tip has thick, sloppy-ish portion of the pink powder-liquid combination on the end.

mario badescu
mario badescu
Ingredients include Zinc Oxide, Salicylic Acid and Calamine which aim to dry up and soothe any sudden spots overnight. Reviews online rave about this product to the extreme, but everyone has different healing times and whereas no product ever clears me up overnight, this one does calm and soothe effectivley. I am really impressed with how spots do shrink in size overnight with the application of this along with the redness being taken out slightly – I would say a normal size spot takes about 3 days to fade when I use this. That might sound long for some people, but if I was to leave it to fade naturally, we’re talking more like 8-9 days for me! I was using Dermalogica overnight spot clearing gel before this, and I do find this one a quicker and stronger alternative.

When I went to re-purchase this last fortnight now I’m back in the UK, I was tempted by the sale assistant to try out the Enzyme Cleansing Gel too. I am usually very on the ball when it comes to beauty product shopping – I know what I need and don’t get sweet talked into new products- but to be honest I was ready for a change and if this wash is as good as the Drying Lotion, then it’s worth a try.

mario badescu
I have only been using this face wash for just over two weeks, which is a little early to start giving glowing reviews, however so far so good. The fact is it ‘enzyme cleansing’ means it is supposed to encourage cell renewal, therefore fading red marks, dull skin and sun damage (I have all three problems I would like tackling). It sounds like it works very similar to the Elemis Tri Enzyme Wash, which I always liked (not sure why I stopped using it to be honest…) and I have noticed some stubborn, new-ish bits of redness from blemishes have cleared quite fast. So far, my skin is looking a little more glowing and fresher… so I will update again in a week weeks!



If you suffer from stubborn spots and red marks, and are looking for a new alternative skincare brand, I do recommend Mario Badescu. I use this product purely from my own research, and have never been endorsed by the brand, therefore this is a completely personal review (I do always mention in my posts if I have been sent the product from the brand).

Oh one last note to add – be careful that you only apply the Drying Lotion directly to the spot – it is quite strong so surrounding skin can peel the first few weeks of using this product.

Any other Mario Badescu fans out there?

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