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Beauty: Make-Up Training at Makeup School Sydney

Whilst I’ve been a busy girl getting swept away with Australia, my Australian life has been made up of working in the fashion industry, seeing friends, continuous nights out, dinners, tourist type trips, beach or house BBQ gatherings… with absolutely no time to focus my make up artistry! So I decided that whilst 2015 holds enough of my friends weddings to fulfill a whole Summer diary, I should take a little refresher class whilst in Sydney before I fly back to England in time to make all my bridal friends look pretty on their big days…

After a couple of days researching some classes, I decided to opt for a 3 hour intense master class at the Makeup School Sydney, just a number of buildings down from my work in Sydney CBD. I haven’t brought my kit over to Aus with me, so the class involved usage of all the professional tools which was handy, and there would also be a number of us in the session. So I headed down after work during the week, and was greeted to a glass of champagne and an introduction to the class and itinerary of the lesson.


The masterclass was taught by Jay Jay, a make-up artist to the celebrities for years, and has a history of teaching all kinds of levels. She started out by training us all on a natural, everyday make-up look suitable for the office, before leading onto an evening look, focusing on the popular smokey eye. Along the way, Jay Jay gave us tips on areas such as face shapes and where to contour, highlighting, the best way to create a smooth liquid eyeliner flick, how to shape eyebrows correctly, and the best ways to blend eye make-up to avoid any harsh lines. I was told I have a heart shaped face, which I have been told before although I’m never too sure about the exact shape of my face, and Jay Jay went into detail about the best ways to contour to my own shape which was brilliant to know.


So here’s a tip! Everyone wants an oval shaped face. No matter what you say, an oval shape face is the ‘perfect’ face shape which allows perfect looking features. To contour correctly, you have to work with the idea of an oval face. So obviously we don’t all have one, so what you have to imagine is an oval shape over your own face, and anything that sits outside of that shape needs to be shades and contoured, as bronzing and shading brings features ‘backwards’. So, for a heart shape face like me own, my cheek bones and temples are to be shaded, the outer underneathe of my jaw line needs to be shaded, and the hairline that sits outside of the oval needs to be shaded. Once contoured with a bronzer type blush, your face starts to take share ‘perfectly’. It is hard to describe, but that is a basic tip for starting to create the ideal contoured face.

As for highlighter- this brings features forward, so has to be used in very small amounts. The only face features that need bringing forward and highlighting are the corners of your eyes (to give the illusion your eyes sit further apart. This is a facial feature of all top models) and also the tops of your cheek bones, under the brow bone and ever so slightly down the centre of your nose. Contour correctly, and you can create a whole new look and dimension to your face!


I felt like during the class I hardly used much foundation coverage, or technical eye shading skills, but came out feeling like I had learnt so many new tips and practiced everything on myself during the end of the class, creating a fresher look on myself. Makeup School Sydney charge $80 for an intense 3 hour session, and if you have already learnt a few tips beforehand and are looking at expanding your practice and knowledge, it’s a really good class to get involved in! Excuse my grainy iPhone camera, the quality is shocking but a new iPhone isn’t top of my agenda right now so poor quality imagery will have to do for now…

emma campbell

emma campbell
If you wanted to fast track in becoming a make-up artist and are starting from the beginning, the school offers an intense Saturday, Sunday and Monday class for $1,000 which teaches you everything non-stop for 3 days. It sounds like a really technical, hands-on class which will teach you so many skills, I was even tempted to do it if I had $1,000 spare just to top up my training. Check it out Sydney MUA’s in the making!


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