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Beauty: LQ Liquid Health Supplement for Skin, Hair and Nails

liquid q
As much as I love to discuss the importance of quality skincare products to care for my skin externally, today’s post shares a new method of looking after my skin from the inside too. Sometimes, aiming to eat healthy foods, drinking lots of water and ensuring I eat 5 portions of fruit and veg per day can be really difficult when I’m constantly on the go.

It’s not always practical, but I want to be making sure that as well as using quality products on my skin, I’m internally taking the right vitamin and mineral supplements to work a little bit quicker, and a little bit harder.

I’m no stranger to how amazing collagen is – it’s important for the overall essential health of skin, hair and nails. I’ve used collagen gels before to apply to my skin at night, but what about collagen drinks?

liquid q
Something I have never looked into before, but of course it makes sense as a much more efficient way to get all the goodness into the system, for faster results. If you think about it, drinking the key anti-agers is the most effective way of really getting those powerful essentials into your body and working on your skin to help with hydration, anti aging, spot clearing, clarity and elasticity.

In a bid to improve the clarity and hydration of my skin, plus tackling regular break outs, I decided to give LQ Liquid Health a go – a first of its kind supplement drink to contain all three of the most effective skin anti-agers in one hit – collagen, hyaluronic acid and resveratrol. Liquid Q also contain a broad range of advanced antioxidants to fight off lines, wrinkles and loss of skin tone.

As I’m only 29 and quite lucky to not yet suffer from wrinkles, I don’t yet need to worry about correcting this. However, my skin is congested and lack lustre, and I regularly suffer from dehydrated and dull skin from trying to keep my breakouts at bay (and lack of sleep!), so I was excited to give these a go for twelve days.

liquid q
The below picture is a lovely shot of me with no make-up on, taken two days before starting the Liquid Q. As you can see, a little bit dull, red marks from blemishes, and an overall tired and un-plumped look.

no make up

I can say that after twelve days of taking this ‘shot’ after my breakfast in the morning, I feel like my skin looks a lot more ‘awake’, more plump, radiant and genuinely more alive. As I mentioned before, I don’t really suffer wrinkles so I can’t comment on this factor, however to touch, my skin is extremely smooth and supple, and feels much more moisturised than the effect I get from any creams.

The intense antioxidants and collagen really get into your bloodstream quickly, thus reaching your skin from the inside much faster than any topical products, which has let me see this slight change in skin appearance in just less than two weeks.

I’m not saying that after twelve days I have noticed a vast miracle. In fact, the results may not be too noticeable to anyone else but myself. However, I do feel that at night when I take my make-up off, I look less horrific than I usually do (we are our worst critics!) in terms that my skin just generally looks more fresh

liquid q
It is clinically proven that 7000 mg of marine collagen works to support healthy hair, skin and nails, so if you are looking for a faster, more effective way to improve your beauty, I would recommend looking into LQ Liquid Health. It’s £29.99 for 10 bottles – perhaps a small trial could be beneficial to try first?

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