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Beauty: June Favourites

Last month, I tried to focus on thinking about beauty from within, as well as externally. Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in making sure I am using the most luxurious and skin-friends beauty creams and treatments, that I forget to share with you some of the important vitamins, supplements and various other beauty internal ‘things’ I come across that are really beneficial. I recently discussed the hair supplement vitamins I am taking for stronger, healthier hair (this is over at my Hairworx post) and I am really noticing a lot of beauty benefits to my skin, hair and nails with them. However, I have also come across this fantastic range from Fountain – the beauty supplement brand.

fountain beauty
Ever feel slightly lethargic and need a calling of energy? Unfortunately, even the most premium of beauty products aren’t going to provide that, but a quality supplement will. Fountain retail a range of liquid supplements which provide a boost of help where we think we need it most, whether that be energy as just mentioned, or glowing skin, a mood lifter, or a beauty boost. I have been trying Fountains ‘The Energy Molecule’ – a feel good molecule beauty supplement in liquid form providing a concentrated energy complex of Creatine, Vitamin B12 and our Hyaluronic Acid matrix to provide sustainable lasting energy.  I have been taking one teaspoon a day, to help give me that little bit more ‘ooomph’ to my day (and my mood!) whilst I am currently juggling working full time, running the blog, my boutique and also moving into my new house. Sleep is limited, and any extra help is needed!

The Energy Molecule contains Creatine, Vitamin B12 and Hyaluronic Acid. which are all powerful super ingredients. They are also beneficial for providing healthy skin to, as my copious amounts of skin health research proves! The selection is extensive, and there is a ‘molecule’ to suit your personal needs. I really want to try out ‘The Glow Molecule next, and see if it can assist with my rather dull, tired looking skin. Take a look at the collection here for a little more health and beauty inspiration …

fountain beauty
This month, I have also been exploring another natural ingredient based skincare brand – introducing English Rose Cosmetics. First of all, I love the name of the brand, it gives off connotations of pure, stripped down and fresh products, which is always a nice image to have in your head before trying a brand. I’ve been using some of their luscious products: Rose Kiss Spritz Rose Floral Water Gentle Cleanser and Toner, Fair of Face Wash and the Daily Defence Moisturiser. So far I would recommend the Fair of Face Face Wash if you have small breakouts (possibly not full on acne) and want to keep on top of them. The Chilean Soaptree bark (Quillaja Saponaria Molinas) Giner and Barley Protein Oil all work together to target small breakout areas and clear them up quickly, especially if you leave this on your face for 10 minutes before washing off to let the ingredients really work. This wash has the freshest of natural fragrances, and is packed with healing properties which make it great for problem and oily skins…

english rose
english rose
I’ve also been loving the Rose Kiss Spritz, a natural spritzer to cleanse, tone and soothe skin. This product uses Rosa Damascena Flower water ,an aqueous solution of the steam of the distillate obtained from the flowers of the English Damask Rose.  Rose Floral Water is often praised for its natural wonder elements, and due to it having no preservatives added, natural rose water products are advised to be used within three months. I’m actually saving a little bit of this product for when I go away to Barcelona, as it’s a natural soother for sunburnt skin (and seeing as I haven’t been in the sun properly for nearly 12 months, I’m going to need this!)

The other product from English Rose Cosmetics I’ve been loving is the Daily Defence Moisturiser. This moisturiser has a lovely gel like consistency that is quickly absorbed into my skin, meaning I can apply make-up fairly quickly after application. It also contains that hero ingredient of Hyaluronic acid which is loved for delivering moisture to the cells in the dermis, making it a highly effective moisturiser.  Along side this, there is a concoction of Vitamin C and E for radiance and collagen, Rooibos extract which is naturally high in zinc to regulate sebum production, and Betaine (sugarbeet) which tightens skin to shield from allergens and pollutants. It again has a pleasant natural scent reminiscent of essential oils, reminding me of the natural properties. Overall, the packaging for this brand has that vintage, retro ‘glamour’ feel, so it would make a lovely gift for the girlies in your life, and it’s really affordable!

stop puffy eyes

And last but not least, since turning 29 I’ve started to become more weary of the sudden sightings of eye wrinkles! Yes, they have started to crop up much to my displeasure. As I am lucky enough to have a youthful appearance, the little eye wrinkles are just in the early stages of crows feet and under-eye creases, but it’s important to look after and tackle these as soon as you spot them. For June, I’m trying out Dirty Works Stop Puffy Eyes Perfecting Eye Cream, which aims to use tightening peptides and light reflectors to ‘tighten and brighten’. It contains stimulating Caffeine to improve circulation around the eye area assist with brightening any dark circles. So far, using this has been a pleasure because a) it is ridiculously affordable, at just £3 from Sainsburys, b) it’s fragrance free and ever so light to use due to it’s super sheer texture and feel, and c) because it focuses on lightening properties, I do noticed that after a few days of usage, the shadows do look a little bit brighter.

So there you have it, a little health and beauty June favourites post. Do you have any products or brands you discovered in June that you would like to share? Leave a comment below!

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