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Beauty: Illasmasqua Sculpting Duo Powder

As contouring is becoming the biggest trend in the beauty world at present, it can be difficult to grasp an understanding of which is the best highlight and shading product to buy. How dark do I go with the bronzer… should the highlighter be shimmery…. should I opt for a matte tan… it can be quite a complex decision when it comes to shopping around.

For the past week, I’ve been trialling out the Illamasqua Sculpting Powder Duo in Heliopolis & Lumos – a matte bronze shade for razor sharp cheekbones and a shimmering champagne to highlight and illuminate. The duo compact complete with a mirror costs £27.00 and seems to have a lot of strong online reviews. So the question is – how do I rate this for shaping and contouring my face?

illamasqua sculpting powder duo
illamasqua sculpting powder duo
illamasqua sculpting powder duo
So I have known about Illamasqua as a brand for a long long time, and recently attended a session with Alex Box from the brand, discussing make-up artistry and her own inspirations and creativity (take a read here). I have used the products when practising make-up or borrowing friends favourites, but owning an Illamsqua product is actually something I have never done before – believe it or not seeing as I am a beauty blogger! The good news is that this particular product did not disappoint, and has actually converted me into a huge Illamasqua fan due to the quality of this product, and for doing exactly what it says on the tin so to speak.

Once my foundation is applied, I set my skin with a finishing powder to absorb shine and create ‘a base’ for my bronzer, blusher and highlighter. This Sculpting Powder Duo actually works as all three combined for me, starting with sucking in my cheeks and sweeping over the Heliopolis shade. It isn’t a dramatically dark shade, and would work best for fair skin people over those with tanned skin looking for something dramatic. It creates a subtle contouring cheek look, however the more times you sweep over with this, the more intense the colour builds up. I like wearing this as part of my everyday make-up, so I just sweep over a couple of times.

illamasqua sculpting powder duo

I finish off with using a fluffier powder brush and sweep the Lumos across the tops of my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. This shade is absolutely lovely – the shimmer isn’t too obvious (nothing worse than sparkly bits glittering under every light) yet it creates a stunning glow and adds luminosity to my face. The two shades combine together to create a subtle shading and highlighting effect, blending into my foundation seamlessly.

Top tip: The tan shade actually doubles up as a soft neutral brown eyeshadow too! I am wearing this on the photos below, which really brings out the grey-blue colour of my eyes.

illamasqua sculpting powder duo
A fantastic product, and one I recommend if you have never used contouring palettes before and want to experiment with one that is easy to build up and of a premium quality.

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