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Beauty: Highlighting and Contouring With Powder

The beauty world is going contouring and highlighting crazy, and I for one am a huge fan of this face shaping method. But, if you are used to applying lots of different products and shades, blending and sculpting, highlighting and shading, then of course, it’s a piece of cake. But what about if you really are hopeless when it comes to knowing how to jump on this highlighting and contouring trend? What if you don’t know which shade of bronzer you should be using to shade? Shimmer or matte? Highlighter goes where?

Today’s post is showing you two of my favourite products which are so simple to use, and create the most glowing, radiant complexion, along with super easy contouring. The two products are Ben NYE Shimmer Powder in Banana Shimmer and Maybelline Mastersculpt Contouring Palette in 02 Medium Dark.

highlight contour
highlight contour
Firstly, I apply my concealer, and then my CC cream, setting with a transculent matte face powder (Benefit Fake Up, Arbonne CC Cream, and bareMinerals Touch up Veil). Once the face is a fresh, flawless canvas after concealing and covering, I take the Maybelline Maste Sculpt and using a contouring blusher brush (or the brush provided – which works wonders) I suck in my cheeks as if I am blowing a kiss, and gently layer up the colour labelled ‘contour’ (Maybelline lable the two shades under contour and highlighter to make it really understandable.) One the bronze is layered up under my cheekbones, I take a fluffier blusher brush and sweep the highlighter above my cheeks, down my nose, a little on the centre of my forehead, chin and cupids bow. I then take a large kabuki brush and blend everything together – only a little – as you want to make sure the cheeks remain sharp and chiselled. I also forgot to add that I carry the bronze contour shade a little up my temples, hairline, and under my jaw line to create a subtle shadow. Ta da- the quickest and easier contouring.

max factor contour
contour maxfactor
I’m really happy with this contour and highlighting look, but I also feel I need an extra shimmery ‘glowing’ product to really brighten and illuminate as a finishing touch. This is where the Ben NYE Shimmer Powder in Banana Shimmer comes in handy. A sheer powder with a fine finish, I dust this over the areas I used the highlighter, just to bring out the highlighted areas that little bit more to add a dazzling radiance. Because this shade is described as ‘Banana’, it has a slight cream tiny to it, meaning that when this is tapped onto skin and blended it, a pearlescent cream shimmer radiates from the face. I am seriously loving this product! Perfect for bringing your face to life and giving that wide awake look.

shimmer powder
contouring whatemmadid
highlight and contour
highlight and contour
My twin sister has currently just had a baby girl this weekend, which means I haven’t slept a wink, staying up waiting to hear news and heading to the hospital. So for a weekend where I have clocked up around five hours sleep from Friday – Sunday, the photos of me this morning getting ready look pretty good to say I am sleep deprived! Lovely glowing fresh skin…

If you are struggling with how to highlight and contour, I would really recommend these two cosmetic products as make-up bag saviours! You can purchase the Maybelline Mastersculpt from Boots here and the Ben NYE Banana Shimmer Powder from here.

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