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Beauty: GOSH Cosmetics Lift and Highlight Pencil

If you’re anything like me, you’ll not want to leave the house without applying a touch of highlighter. I’ve been a little glow obsessed for the past 18 months or so, adding an extra dose of radiance to my face in the form of many different highlighting products. Balms, powders, creams or pigments… it doesn’t matter what texture, I’ll just do anything for that striking highlight!

My newest favourite ‘tool’ I’m arming myself with is GOSH Cosmetics Lift and Highlight Pencil – a double ended pencil which works on one end to create a lifted look, and another to highlight and contrast with a contour. You may be wondering what the difference between each end is, so I’ll briefly explain below, along with why I literally can’t put this pencil down…

So the ‘lift’ end of the pencil is a denser, more solid matte shade of light pink. It has a creamy base and a touch of a milky light pink shade, with just enough pigment to stand out against the skin, yet in a clean, crisp colour. It draws on brilliantly under the eyebrow arch to give that lifted illusion, and it’s also fabulous at dabbing lightly at the inner corners of the eyes to give that far apart, wide awake look.

Because the colour is more intense, I take a little flat ended brush and softly smudge the ‘life’ pencil into the skin. But if you wanted quite a harsh, dramatic lifted look, you could just draw a soft line under the brow and corners of the eyes to really make a statement.

The ‘highlight’ end of the pencil is a sheerer, shimmery champagne pink shade, with touches of glistening cream. It’s a little softer to blend in, with a more radiant pigment made to reflect the light and create that glowy look. I draw lines under my eyes towards the tops of my cheeks with the pencil, before using a mini beautyblender to blend into the skin.

Once set with powder (currently obsessing over Laura Mercier’s Candleglow Powder), a gorgeous glowing highlight is left shimmering on the cheeks, yet without that tacky glistening finish.

The pencil costs just £9.99 from GOSH Cosmetics at Superdrug, and is my new makeup bag favourite for creating my ‘everyday face’. It’s the nicest to use pencil for its creamy, blendable texture and gorgeous glowing rose shade. Love love love!

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1 Comment

  1. September 25, 2017 / 9:40 pm

    GOSH is such an underrated brand, I love their lip liners!

    Sara – Flemingo

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