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Beauty: Estee Lauder Double Wear Review

Estee Lauder – a brand that needs no introduction. I’m recently testing out a few foundations for when I need a more long-lasting, full coverage look, as I have been trying to continue using a CC cream for everyday wear.

When I suffered outbreaks through my teens and early twenties and I would be self conscious about it, I started to use the Double Wear foundation as it gave me the best coverage, and lasted all day. Like seriously – all day all night. From waking up in the morning to removing it before bed, my foundation literally did not budge…

estee lauder double wear
I don’t suffer the outbreaks as bad anymore, but I do need a good coverage foundation if I’m heading out in the evening. And as it has been many years since I have used this collection, I wanted to try a couple of the Double Wear products to see if I am still feeling positive about this range.

estee lauder double wear
I have been trying out the Double Wear Stay-in Place foundation, Double Wear Light, Double Wear Brush on Glow Highlighter and the Double Wear Stay-in Place High Coverage Concealer. Here is a little round-up in case you have always wondered what the general thoughts are on these products:

Double Wear Stay-in Place High Coverage Concealer:

I use this with my fingers, but you can use this with a brush for a more concentrated application and build up. I have been using this as the first stage of my make-up application, blending under the eyes, over any blemishes and the sides of my nose.

It has a really nice full coverage effect – I find it sets the base for a high coverage look as you barely need to go over with foundation near the under eyes once this is applied. It blends is easily and doesn’t sit heavily on top of the skin. An ideal first base if you have sun spots, broken capillaries or any pesky spots that need tackling first. It’s a wonder for my under-eye bags too! (£21.50)

double wear

Double Wear Stay-in Place foundation:

The holy grail of foundations. Just a little ‘blob’ of this on the back of my hand and blended into my skin produces a flawless, airbrushed look. Flaws literally vanish, and they stay that way for the rest of the day. It can feel a little heavy if you aren’t used to wearing full coverage make-up, so in these cases I suggest introducing yourself to the range slowly by first using Double Wear Light.

This product, like the stay-in place foundation, lasts to it’s full potential for 15 hours, but has a more lightweight texture and feel on application. This foundation is aimed to provide a more medium coverage, whereas the stay-in place is aimed for full. Both of these won’t be melting in the heat, or smudging off onto clothing, and they really do what they say on the tin. (both £29.50)

Double Wear Brush on Glow Highlighter: 

This is a super ‘pen’ style product! You firstly click the bottom to release the concealer, which can be brushed onto skin with the applicator brush. As well as concealing, it contains illuminating and highlighting properties so it can also be used to help contour. Along with applying a touch to my under-eyes, top of my cheeks, down my nose and cupids bow, I also use it to sweep away any particles that fall down from my eyeshadow. It’s not a full-on shimmering highlighter, more of a subtle product to add brightness to the face and provide a radiant glow. (£23.50)

The two photos below show me wearing the Double Wear Stay-in Place Foundation in Pure Beige – a slightly warm colour for myself as I wanted it to blend in with the false tan I had been working up.

what emma did emma campbell
what emma did emma campbell
The photograph below is a daytime look wearing Double Wear Light in shade Intensity, which is a lighter shade and one that fits my natural pale skin very well. So as you can see, I have used this to provide a more everyday look, whereas I have used the full coverage foundation to provide a more specific look.

emma campbell whatemmadid

double wear light
As you may have guessed, I am a big fan of Estee Lauder Double Wear. I love it because what it says it does, it really does do, delivering full and medium coverage flawlessly. The products also have a huge array of shades to chose from, so it’s best to pop to a counter and have a consultation for the ideal colour match.

I hope this helps if you needed some foundation advice!

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