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Beauty: DKNY Delicious Delights and Michael Kors Beauty

As a regular beauty product buyer, it means I often have to shop fairly thrifty if I am updating my make-up kit or fragrances quite often. So when I do finally get my hands on designer products, I cherish them with my life. Luckily, as part of my Spring/Summer beauty clear out and product update, I managed to add some beautiful new Spring designer products to my collection. They are so so lovely that I wanted to recommend them to you, should you be looking to add a new season fragrance to your life, or if you need to gift ‘the girl who has everything’ a nice present this Spring.

Just how sweet are the above new DKNY Fragrances Delicious Delights Limited Edition Collection? Inspired by cool and refreshing sweet sorbet treats, this limited edition collection is bursting with delightful flavour and look absolutely scrumptious too.  The bottles are frosted too, therefore these not only smell gorgeous, but they look so adorable on your dressing table.

The limited editions include Fruity Rooty (lilac packaging) Dreamsicle (peach packaging) and Cool Swirl (green packaging). My personal favourite is Dreamsicle, and not just because the name is so darm cute, but because it has a sweet note of green apple, peach nectar and apricot sorbet, therefore is ridiculously fruity and feminine. It also has light touches of vanilla (my favourite) and raspberry – so many blissful additions. I love scents that are fruit and floral inspired – there’s nothing nicer than embracing femininity and if your daily scent can’t provide that, then it’s not a winner!

The Cool Swirl version is more tropical inspired, with more muted tones of jasmine and magnolia, and the Fruity Rooty is very juicy – with strong notes of blackberries and blackcurrants mixed with violet and rose petals. Tempting you yet?

michael kors
michael kors
Another new designer item I am updating my make-up bag with is this stunning little lipgloss from Michael Kors. It’s called Lip Luster in shade Getaway, which is a pretty muted dark pink. It’s a rich and creamy textured lip gloss, with a subtle shine, therefore is lovely to wear alone or on top of a paler shade to bring out a more dramatic lip colour or top add a touch of gloss.

I wore this for my last day at work before the Easter break as I knew I was heading out for a drink after work, and wanted to add that pop of colour to my fairly under-dressed and under-done-up look that day. I actually muted the look with lip balm on top (just a clear cinnamon flavour one from The Body Shop) as it is really windy outside and didn’t want my hair sticking to my lips! You can see the outcome below.

michael kors
The fragrances from DKNY cost £36.50 for 50ml, and the Michael Kors Lip Luster is £21.50 for a 5ml tube.

Do you have any designer beauty items you are hoping to add to your collections this Summer?

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