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Beauty: Citrus Scented Beauty

I know that recently WhatEmmaDid.com is becoming overflowing with beauty reviews, but recently there are so many new and undiscovered brands I am coming across which I love to share with you all. Today’s post features a beauty brand that is literally good enough to eat, and you all know my obsession with natural ingredients so again I have uncovered a product range which uses the finest essential oils yet has the yummiest fragrance! Fresh from New York, we have Citrus Clear – a collection of fruit inspired products to cleanse, tone, moisturise, brighten, exfoliate and clear up problem skin.

citrus clear
citrus clear
citrus clear
The main areas of skin concerns that Citrus Clear aims to help is acne and sensitivity, ensuring that the products have absolutely no trace of parabens, sulphates, mineral oils or colour dyes. It’s an American brand, popular for it’s natural and holistic approach to skincare, using the most potent citrus juices, extracts and peels to really target active acne and sensitive skin problems. Citrus Clear is a refreshing take on the harsh chemicals used in some strong acne fighting skincare products, giving people that feeling of peace of mind that only the most natural ingredients are being absorbed into the skin.

The lovely range of products that I have been trialling out include a selection of the following: Pore and Blackhead Extracting Mask, Tangerine Tingle Scrub, Natural Tahitian Sensitive Wash and the Pink Grapefruit Sensitive Moisturiser. So far, I’m really happy with them all in terms of how lovely and gentle they are with my skin, and that they smell good enough to eat up! However, my favourite product by far is the Tangerine Tingle – it actually has multiple uses as it doubles up as a scrub, a mask or a daily wash…

citrus clear
It doesn’t have tingle in the title for no reason; once applied to the skin, the longer you leave it on, the more in tingles! It is actually a really good feeling as this is a result from the dead skin cells being removed, and the stimulation of new, fresh skin cells being produced. I usually use this as a quick pick me up face mask, leaving it on for around 3-4 minutes to reveal a brighter complexion. The natural lemon oil really does brighten up the skin after a couple of uses, along with Jojoba Beads and Aloe Vera calming the skin from angry redness or breakouts. Just take a look at the ingredients list for this product here and you’ll be happy to see all those skin loving powerful natural beauties!

If you suffer from reoccurring blackheads or visible pores, then the Pore & Blackhead Extracting Mask is potentially a good option for you. I luckily don’t suffer from blackheads, but I do have visible pores across my nose and upper cheeks, which this mask helps to soften. The mask contains pure plant ingredients, herbs, and two types of natural earth clays which penetrate deep into pores to extract dirt and blackheads. As the product range prides itself with citrus and essential oils, you’ll find these packed in too to provide ultimate skin cleansing.

citrus clear
citrus clear
In terms of sensitive skin, the Pink Grapefruit Skin Moisturiser has the most lightweight texture possible and contains soothing botanicals, citrus ingredients, and powerful vitamins designed to gently balance facial skin tone. The scent is delicious, therefore such a treat to use. Again, same goes for the Natural Tahitian Lime Sensitive Wash, which actually takes your mind off to tropical shores when you use it! Sounds a little extreme, but I seriously visualise some beautiful island with it’s uplifting scent of lime, orange and grapefruit.

citrus clear
I feel that the bottom line with Citrus Clear is that it’s a fantastic product range for tackling acne with absolutely zero irritation, redness or that awful stage where the skin gets worse first to then get better. I would strongly advise teenagers struggling with keeping their hormonal skin under control to have a look at the brand, and perhaps invest in one of the Control & Maintain kits, to ensure the very best of natural and essential oil ingredients are working their magic on caring for the skin.

Worth a try!

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1 Comment

  1. Heather Crowe
    July 16, 2015 / 1:00 am

    Oh, they look fab! I definitely want to give these a try, I love natural and organic products x

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