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Beauty: NEXT Make Me Beautiful Lip Chubby

So who knew NEXT retailed fabulous make-up? I was aware they had an extensive collection of cosmetics, but had not really looked into the products in too much detail before. However, I attended a lovely event with NEXT last week (all about their lovely lingerie range, which will be coming up on the blog soon!) and I ended up coming away with the cutest Make Me Beautiful Hot Pink Lip Chubby, which retails at £8.

As it is designed as a chunky hot pink crayon type lip colour, it needs no tutorial. You just pop off the lid and glide over your lips, filling in with this girly shade. I start by carefully drawing round the edges of my lips first, then carefully filling in the rest of my lips. MWAH!

what emma did emma campbell
NEXT lip crayon
The colour is so intense and extremely pigmented, and actually lasts a good while too. I constantly lick my lips and touch my mouth and all sorts, meaning I am a nightmare with lipsticks that have the tendancy to fade quickly. This Lip Chubby seems to stay put for a couple of hours before needing a touch up, and as this shade in particular is quite bright, you really don’t need to apply too much to begin with.

what emma did emma campbell
what emma did emma campbell
I know this is a super quick blog post, but I wanted to share this with you in case you needed a little extra beauty gift for a friend that doesn’t cost the Earth, or if you simply need a lipstick update for yourselves. I’m really intrigued to check out the rest of the beauty range at NEXT now! And whilst I’m here… I’ll be sharing these photos showing off my pinky lips and other cool make-up finds on my Instagram account, which I update daily with my favourite products. If you haven’t already, why not give me a follow? I love coming across new followers so be sure to say hello…

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What Emma Did

What Emma Did