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Beauty: Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo

Can I just interrupt your day with a beauty recommendation? I promise it’s a good one…

As a regular user of dry shampoo (I love the way two bottles made their way into my birthday presents this year. It must be well known to my family and friends of my nice fresh root spray addiction!) I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Batiste had launched a brand new version of their trusty hair freshener – XXL Volume Dry Shampoo. Well I have very dull and lifeless hair (in the words of Cheryl Cole) so this was a product I needed to try. And plus, I’m currently sporting approximatley 2 inches of mousey colour hair root, so anything designed to lift, add volume and freshen is bound to be my lifesaver!

Verdict? I love it. But then again, with my success history with Bastiste’s other sprays, I knew I would be satisfied. When I spray this directly onto my roots and then rub it in, my hair instantly feels different. Kind of a bit stiff and tangled, but in a good way if that makes sense! It made my roots look thicker and fresher, and when I pulled my hair into a ponytail I had a little bit of lift at my parting. Va Va Voom!

This is coming on holiday with me on Saturday as an absolute essential! In fact, I think it will become my everyday essential! 10/10!

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