Beauty: Alchimie Forever Kantic Brightening Mask and Calming Cream

For those who don’t know, during my ‘day job’, I work for the international beauty industry in a PR and beauty editor role, which goes very well with One of the things I love the most about the job is building close relationships with beauty brands in America, as let’s face it, the U.S is always that one step ahead when it comes to beauty.

I’ve learnt so much about the U.S beauty industry during the past 12 months, which is incredibly insightful. For instance, the stigma around fillers and facial enhancements are no way a big deal over there- it’s not looked down upon or frowned at to have facial procedures. The majority of American women have at least thought about having their lips done or have played around with botox, not to mention the more intense procedures, like plastic surgery.

They’ll often have consultations about how to tweak their features in a bid to feel more confident (if it’s something you wish to do and live in the U.S or Canada, you’ll find loads of Dr’s via plastic surgery Toronto). Here in the U.K, we’ve just finished getting brave enough to have a once a season facial peel!

The U.S beauty retailers are incredibly device led, leading with tools such as the NuFACE Facial toner, the FOREO silicone cleanser, and the Baby Qasar light therapy treatment device.

As much as I’m fascinated with the differences between the UK and the U.S, I’m a little behind with their ‘advancements’, and I’m quite happy to stick to the much more mainstream beauty products and treatment products.

A brand big in American that I got introduced to a year ago when I first started the role was Alchimie Forever, who hail from Switzerland. They started by focusing on post-procedure and at-home skincare treatments, which they are still known and loved for today.

The two products I’ve been trying lately are the Alchimie Forever Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask and the Kantic Calming Cream. These are super popular across international beauty bloggers and true Alchimie Forever fans, so I figured it was my time to give them a go!

Alchimie Forever Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask

The first thing I love about this mask is that it’s a creamy, almost glossy mask, that doesn’t set hard on the skin. Its also a light tan colour, almost a little like a BB cream! The second positive is that it is lightly fragranced, smelling like sweet natural blueberry, in my opinion anyway. Both the texture, colour and scent make it a pleasure to apply.

With this mask, you basically apply it to the entire face for around 20 minutes. It washes off to a creamy, moisturising formula, leaving the skin silky and soft when all rinsed away. The point of this mask is to calm irritation and reduce any redness, promoting a clear, radiant complexion. The antioxidant-rich formula nourishes and neutralizes damaging free radicals, while it is packed with oat and pansy extracts added in to soften and smooth.

I’ve been using this once a week for the past month and love it! Its super gentle to the skin, and is possibly one of the only masks that doesn’t leave my skin slightly red after. Instead, it looks brighter and more refined, with a fresh, decongested feel.

Kantic Calming Cream

The Kantic Calming Cream is a product designed to soothe redness, irritation and other symptoms caused by hypersensitivity and rosacea. I don’t suffer rosacea, but my skin is sensitive and every now and again it can look really red and ‘angry’,

So I’ve been trying this cream out in a bid to mellow out my skin. The creamy base spreads evenly over you’re the face and is infused with awakening ingredients such as grapeseed extract, jojoba and protective vitamin E.

I’d recommend this for those with real sensitive skin, or those who want their irritated skin to be left looking stress-free and radiantly healthy.

All products from Alchimie Forever are tested by dermatologists and vegan-friendly, therefore are popular across a wide range of people.

The photos below are me ‘wearing’ the mask! As frightful as my bare face may be, you’ll see the mask slightly tints it and adds a bit of a tanned mask look to it. Or maybe I look like I need a good scrub… who knows! Either way, this is my new favourite mask and I thank my international day job and the guys at Alchimie Forever for introducing me to it!

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