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Beauty: Air Plates by Remington

So the girl that rarely does anything to her hair has discovered a new styling tool, and has actually been using it. Oh and when I refer to ‘that girl’, I obviously mean me! For those who know me or read my posts often, you’ll know I rarely do much with my hair.

It’s naturally super straight (and pretty flat too), so it doesn’t often need straightening. That being said, I’m so useless at curling my hair, I occasionally weave through a curling tongue to get a little bit of a curl, although I often find it goes more crimpy, and I could probably re-create the look by plaiting my hair!

It’s always what you are ‘blessed’ with that you hate the most. There must be so many girls out there who would kill for naturally straight hair, where as I on the other hand am gagging for waves, curls, body, volume!

So the new hair styling device I’ve been using is the Air Plates by Remington – those sleek white straighteners with suspended plates. They’ve been designed to style every strand in one stroke, and come infused with 3x longer lasting Black Titanium Ceramic for a smoother glide.

Obviously, I mentioned I have super straight (and flat!) hair anyway, but I’ve also had it cut into a mid-length shoulder skimming style, which is currently growing out and flicking all over the place. So, these Air Plates have been a God send, as they are so quick and efficient at gliding from root to tip, giving that a smooth perfected style and healthy looking ends.

The most beneficial aspect I’m finding though, and the reason I’m raving about them today, is that they are great for creating a loose, large wave. The style I have always wanted to create, but struggle to do so with both curling tongues and my regular straighteners (which are fairly old now).

I found out from researching that the suspended plates don’t actually touch the outer surface of the straightener so the outside remains cooler than a standard straightener. So I when I grip the Air Plates with both hands and pull through large strands to create waves, I get lots of control and precision. The cooler housing also helps my waves to set well.

Here’s some other fab functions I’ve found from using these below. I’ll add on a separate note that I just love anything that’s chic and white, so these look minimal and stylish on my dresser…

  • 2 x smoother glide
  • Variable heat settings up to 230°, they can be used on all hair types.
  • Available from Amazon, Argos and Sainsburys
  • Provides maximum contact for more efficient results
  • Black Titanium Ceramic
  • 3 x longer lasting more ceramic
  • 10 x more ceramic*
  • Cool touch technology – the outer casing remains cooler
  • Longer length 100mm plates
  • 15 second heat up
  • Auto safety shutoff
  • Worldwide voltage
  • 1.8m swivel cord
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Retail at £79.99

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