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Beauty: AA Skincare Essentials

You will all know by now that I love natural skincare and beauty products, often seeking out new and exciting collections which focus on quality ingredients. I recently came across AA Skincare Essentials, so I wanted to share with you a review of the products after I have been giving them a whirl for the past four weeks.

AA Skincare Essentials
The brand prides itself by being packed with natural ingredients, creating natural solutions for a number of skincare problems. I always look out for pure essential oils, natural extracts and paraben/artificial fragrance free properties with new products, so I was very happy to see these include all of those! Here is a little round-up of some of my key products from this brand, with a little review about how I find each one…

Seaweed and Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel, 50ml.
What I love about this new product is that not only is it great for soothing the undereye and refreshing, but it’s also wonderful for removing eye make-up too! I do love a product that has multi uses. This eye gel contains natural extracts of Eyebright and Cornflower to soothe eyes, as well as cucumber to hydrate and calm. It is a lovely concoction of powerful ingredients: aloe vera juice, sea lavender extract, thyme extract and witch hazel water are also added to make this amazing for sensitive skin. It has no scent, which I personally prefer when applying any product around my eye, and really awakens my tired eyes first thing in the morning.

AA skincare
Jasmin, Mimosa and Rosehip Moisturising Face Cream, 50ml.
Rosehip is my very ultimate favourite ingredient- it is fabulous for helping fade red marks which I always seem to have from previous outbreaks. It’s also great for adding radiance to the skin, and can act as a mild natural sunscreen too, so it’s a pretty nifty ingredient to have in a face cream. The combination of these three key natural ingredients allow ultimate hydration, and contain antioxidants to give skin a lovely little lift. I find it is a really calming product to massage into my face, as it has chamomile and Lavender packed in making it have that added bonus to use as a night cream too. This cream smells deliciously sweet, making it a joy to apply. My skin can be fairly oily so I tend to use this just once a day, and I’ve been opting for night time due to it’s relaxing properties.

Sandalwood & Palmarosa Cleansing Face Gel, and Bergamot & Chamomile Cleansing Face Gel, 50ml
A little bit spoilt for choice here- AA Skincare Essentials have two fantastic cleansing face gels which are packed with carefully balanced natural ingredients formulated to smell ridiculously devine. The one I am using more regularly is the Bergamot and Chamomile, as it has acne fighting properties to fight breakouts and tackle oily skin. Bergamot is the key ingredient to provide antiseptic elements to care and look after skin, whilst the chamomile helps to calm and soothe redness. I have noticed after using this face gel, any angry spots or red patches are calmed immediately, and I love how there is no irritation and the gel melts into skin and foams away any dirt or grime. Such a pleasure to use. The Sandalwood and Palmarose is aimed more at healing the skin and promoting healthy cell growth, helping to repair damage. I am actually having my final session of Derma Roller treatment next month, and as it can be a trauma to my skin at first, I am going to use this natural face wash to look after my skin post treatment due to it’s healing properties.

aa skincare
And last but not least, I have switched my aerosol deodorant for the Lemongrass and Lavender roll-on. Made with pure essential oils, it smells so therapeutic when applying and is the loveliest product to use after a shower. I was always a little cautious with roll-on’s, thinking they may be a little sticky and strong to use, however this one is so gentle and has the nicest calming scent. I’m naturally not a sweaty person (pretty lucky there!) but I have noticed that I don’t feel the need to think about any odour or sweating throughout the day when this is applied.

aa skincare
I may be biased as I absolutely adore natural products made with essential oils, but everything about this skincare range is just amazing. The scent, the ingredients, the quality, the packaging… it’s fast becoming a new favourite of mine. They also retail a range of cleansing waters that I want to get my hands on next. Check out the full range over at the website here in case you are fairly similar to me and prefer to use natural products on your skin. Let me know what you think girls!

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