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Beauty: A Beauty Box Hamper With Boots

beauty hamper
When it comes to giving gifts for Christmas, there really is nothing nicer and heart warming than a carefully put together hamper, where the contents have been handpicked especially for the person. As a beauty blogger and general beauty addict, it makes sense to showcase to you all today how to put together the perfect customised gift hamper – using beauty products of course! What more could a girl ask for from Santa this year?

I’ve got together with Boots to show you all a simple step by step demonstration for how to package up and present a lovely little hamper filled with selected beauty products, suitable for the beauty loving girls in your life. Or for the blokes too – just simply change the products to reflect the person you are gifting. All it takes is around 30 minutes of your time, and the following items below to get started…

1. A box which will form the basis of the hamper
2. Tissue paper to wrap the box or use to stuff
3. Wrapping paper
4. Cellophane
5. Decorative bow
6. Decorative ribbon
7. Gift tag
8. Scissors
9. Cellotape – double sided is best!
10. Shredded tissue
11. Products to fit the hamper with…

beauty hamper
beauty hamper
The first step is to wrap up your box with a paper or tissue paper you will will decorate the box how you want it to look. The theme is completely up to you – or can reflect the person you are gifting. I’ve opted for a nice classic gold and white wrapping paper. Very ‘Christmassy’, yet also looks really traditional and luxe too (perfect for filling up with lots of Boots beauty treats!).

beauty hamper
Secondly, I filled the box with shredded tissue to create a soft padding for the gifts, also lining the box and adding a festive touch of colour too.

beauty hamper
Starting with the heaviest products, place them in the box so that you can layer on top the other little gifts so everything can be visible and presented clearly. This is stage where you can just have some fun! Position the gifts around or mix and match different items until you have created the perfect beauty hamper…

beauty hamper
For an elegant and professional looking finish, cover the box with cellophane and secure with double sided tape, so the edges are all tucked in neatly and the products and box are completely wrapped and protected…

beauty hamper
beauty hamper
beauty hamper
Little tip time: Use double-sided tape to stick down certain items that may awkwardly fall about in the box, or poke out and ruin the shape. A tiny bit of tape can really help to get the layout looking good…

beauty hamper
beauty hamper
Thread a gift tag through a ribbon, and place the ribbon all the way around the box and position the tag to the front of the box. This gold glittery star tag and silky gold ribbon make the hamper look super luxe!

beauty hamper
And ta-da! A perfect looking beauty gift hamper, packed with a selection of fragrances, beauty products and essential gifts for one of my girlies this Christmas. Some of my favourites I picked up from Boots include the set of Yankee candles (my absolute favourite home gift), a French Connection nail polish and lip gloss set, and a This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and Stress Less Roller set.

As well as following my blog post step by step advice, there is also an informative online guide and YouTube video which quickly sum up each step, making it easy to follow and create this yourself at home. Take a look at the step by step beauty hamper guide here, or watch the video below! I hope this post gets you well and truly into the festive spirit…

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