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Beauty: 7 Hair Hacks To Nail in 2016


As well as all the many little aims and goals I’ve made for myself in 2016, there’s another one to add to the list. I’ve never been one to be particularly great at styling my hair and doing anything different with it – I mean you guys will know, when else do you see it any different than down and straight or up in a ponytail on this blog?

The annoying thing is that I’m actually quite good at waving my hair using a wand, but sometimes it’s so inconvenient for time when I’m in a rush. And when I’m staying away or travelling to London, it’s one more hefty appliance to carry in my case as well as my hair straightener. Because hair straighteners are the number one priorities when it comes to packing – obviously.

I’ve put together a couple of hair tips  based on some little hair hacks which can make major transformations to your hair goals this year. They are quite personal to me and what I hope to achieve in terms of having a year of better hair, but I hope you can identify and relate to them too!

toni and guy styler
toni and guy styler
toni and guy styler
toni and guy styler
1. Create Quick Beach Waves

I’ve managed to get my hands on the brilliant Toni & Guy Fluid Metal Styler, which literally straightens, curls and waves, making it a multitasking hero. This is the type of appliance I need for my trips away – one that does everything and saves me packing two or three. Firstly,  it’s inspired by catwalk trends and you can tell this is suitable for a fashionista just from the packaging. Its a metallic shiny purple and black iridescent styler, with a luxury quilted heat-proof pouch and separate heat-proof mat so it comes as a full kit (and no burning through onto your your carpets). The titanium plates are slim and sleek, designed to glide through hair effortlessly at temperatures of 230 degrees so as to work quickly on styling.

I’ve been giving myself a little practice with this in terms of learning to add loose curls and waves to my locks, so I can get the most out of this multi-styler. It took a few goes, but I finally managed to create a soft beach wave over the Christmas holidays, by slowly puling the plates through thick strands of hair and curling under. I’m still no professional at this, and I need to put more practice in at getting my hair all beach wave lovely in quick time.

Try and see what your hair straightener can do and give this a go yourself more this year. Versatile looks are what it’s all about, and best to make use of what your styler can do! I personally love my Toni & Guy Fluid Metal Styler, so if you need any inspiration, it’s a great styler and is hugely reduced at the moment. It’s RRP is £90 but down to around £55 at the moment if you shop around. .

what emma did
2. Stop hair loss in it’s tracks

I don’t know if it’s because I’m nearly thirty, or if it’s just because my hair is so darn dry and broke from years of lightening, but I have noticed over the past 18 months I lose much more hair than I used to. I was that girl that never used to have a single hair clog up the plug hole. Madness, I know! I put my luck down to always having fine hair, therefore possibly not as much to shed, but now my luck seems to be ending. To try and combat this issue, I’ve been giving a brand called Corpore Sano from CS Natural a go, who offer a Hair Loss treatment that is based on natural ingredients.

The products I have been currently giving a go include the Natural Hair Loss Treatment Tonic – which is a tonic to apply over night for roughly three times a week. As it contains a complex obtained from seeds phytoactive Wheat, Soybean and Ginseng extract, they provide energy to the hair bulb and give nutrients needed to strengthen the hair growth. In short, the tonic aims to regulate hair loss and encourage new growth, so I can only give it a go and see how it works, plus is doesn’t feel greasy to use either.

Aside from the tonic, I’m currently using their Hair Loss treatment shampoo too, which foams up incredibly well and leaves me with clean, smooth and moisturised hair. What I personally love about this range is that I don’t feel like I’m actually using a hair loss range. They don’t have dull, unappealing packaging, or a heavy scent that leaves me feeling like preventing hair loss is an embarrassing thing with medicated smelling treatments.

corpore sano

I have even noticed that after three weeks of using the two combined, the amount of hairs I find attached to my black coat on a daily basis seem to have lowered. That noted, I’ll be continuing to use these and hope for more improvement. The tonic doesn’t come too cheap at £19.95, but for the line up of hero natural ingredients it’s packed with, it’s no scent and ability to give me clean and fresh hair, it could be worth it.

corpore sano
corpore sano

3. Use a Protein Spray

Do you ever sit in the hairdressers and they ask you that dreaded question just before blow-drying your hair, as they rake their fingers through your hair. “What products do you use on your hair?”. You sit there for a minute and think of the most prestigious haircare brand to try and throw back at them to stop them from selling you TIGI’s newest moisturising and heat protection creams. And every time, I mess up. Even though I do use a pretty extensive range of impressive hair care products, as you may have seen me review on the blog. I’m always like “Um… I do use a really good serum… and heat protector…”

I don’t know about you but I always get told I should be using a protein spray, to put back protein back in my hair to help strengthen and grow. I’ve known for a while that protein is great for consuming in your diet for healthy hair, but it also gets said that those with protein rich diets are prone to faster hair growth too. So for 2016, I’m going to be religiously using my new GNS Protein Spray, which doubles up as a scalp treatment and heat protector too.

GNS Protein spray
As with most beauty products I like to use, the GNS brand use super caring natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil, Soy Proteins, Panthenol and Silk Amino Acids, which also help to keep my hair in tip top condition. I’m going to try and introduce the cleanse and moisture shampoo and conditioner pair too once I have tackled the falling hair problem as mentioned above. If you like professional looking haircare products, then GNS is an ideal brand for this with their sleek monochrome packaging, minimal enough to look cool in the most modern of salons.

The protein spray I have been using costs £14.50, and for me it triples up as a protein spray, heat protector and frizz tamer.

GNS Protein spray
4. Add lowlights

A couple of months ago I headed to a super cool hair salon in London called Muse of London, where I opted for a half head of lowlights to break up my overly bleached hair. The stylist did an amazing job, as it blended in so well and improved the condition of my hair hugely. The salon is a quirky little hip place not too far off Oxford Street, with a root bar for people to pop in and just get their roots conveniently done at a much more affordable price. The salon sports a rather ‘loud’ form of collage decor with images of hair inspirations, which left me gawping around the place in awe.

My stylist did a brilliant job of selecting a warn brown shade to run through my hair to break up the blonde and really tone it down. It let me grow my natural colour thorough for the five months that followed, before I caved again and popped a few highlights in. I may consider going a little darker again this year to help re-build the condition…

muse of london
muse of london
muse of london
muse of london
muse of london
muse of london
muse of london
5. Get creative with up-do’s

There are so many pretty up-do’s out there that I feel I’m really missing a trick by focusing on loose styles all the time. I guess I don’t really love wearing my hair up too much, but I think some of that stems down to not really getting it quite right when it comes to styling. I spent the good part of an hour browsing Pinterest the other day looking at loose plaits, top knots, quiffed ponytails and all sorts of simple little hairstyles that involve pinning up and tie-ing back. So I’m going to arm myself with a new set of blonde hair grips, some nice new clips, maybe a few ribbons and bows, and start playing about with some cute new styles.

6. Use an intense hair mask – every week.

I’m getting better at this, but it’s a trick most of shouldn’t really be missing in general if we want to improve the condition of our hair at home. Using an intensive hair mask at least once a week and leaving it wrapped in a hot towel for half an hour before rinsing thoroughly can work wonders to put back that missing bit of moisture, or just to revitalise and soften the hair again. Opt for a conditioner that actually is a treatment mask and not just a daily condition, as it will be stronger and contain a lot more nourishing properties. I personally love treatments masks from label.m (a higher price point) and Charles Worthington (more High Street friendly).

7. Drink more water

Oh what a surprise this has ended up on here… isn’t that everyone’s aim for everything? Well yes it is. But it works wonders for healthy hair. So I need to drink more of it. And you do too. Purchase a pretty cup which is has a built in straw, a cute moto on it, or some form of girly illustration that makes you proud of your cup and want to drink from it more. Just make sure it’s water and no funny stuff OK? *winks*

Here’s to a year of healthy, luscious hair!

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