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Beauty: 5 New Beauty Discoveries

what emma did
It’s been a while since I have put together a round-up post of some newly discovered brands and beauty products, so I’ve decided that’s what today’s post is now dedicated to. I’ve recently been trying out 5 new products which are all pretty fantastic in my opinion, so nevertheless, it’s time to share the love with you all…

1. Guinot Huile Mirific Oil and Hydra Finish Face Cream
I can be a little bit sceptical with body oils that feature a golden glow and shimmer, as I have various concerns such as ‘will it rub off on my clothes?’ or ‘will it look streaky?’. However, this Guinot Huile Mirific Oil has pleasantly surprised me, with it’s super fast drying and moisturising body oil. I shake the bottle up a little bit before application incase it has set into any lumps, and either pop the liquid oil directly onto skin and rub in, or pour onto a cotton pad and dab onto smaller areas for that touch of shimmer and sheen. It’s the loveliest of soft gold shades, just bronzed enough to add a slight tanned look to skin, but not heavy enough to actually look like a false tan, if that makes sense. It more or less enhances the skin, and makes it look super healthy, glowing and shimmery. This would be amazing on holiday. It contains grape seed oil, which gives nourishing properties, and gold nacre, a subtle tan enhancer.

The second product from Guinot I have been trying out is the Hydra Finish Face Cream (£27), which again is another product to help add a sun-kissed look to skin this Winter. It’s a 2 in 1 tinting and hydrating cream that also gives a slight touch of coverage. This could be used as a light foundation for some people, not so much myself who has blemishes to conceal (dammit!). For me, I use this as more of a tinted moisturiser, great for those make-up free days where I need to pop out and show my face but really don’t want to wear make-up. It transforms and adapts to your natural skintone, and then adds radiance to give a holiday glow. I love it’s smoothing and moisturising properties, and the fact is contains SPF 15 too makes it an essential for any holidays I have booked this year.

guinot gold
guinot gold
Dr Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap
Now this is a brand I am so happy to have come across, because you may have noticed in a recent post I touched on how I’m looking to try out more natural beauty products this year, and be a little more wary as to what I’m putting into my body with skincare products. Just because we use products externally, doesn’t mean they don’t actually sink into our bodies. These particular Dr Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soaps I now own come in liquid form, and contain 100% natural and organic ingredients (as well as being 100% vegan). However it isn’t just this brilliant addition that makes Dr Bronner’s products much loved, it is also the fact that these quality Pure-Castile soaps have multi uses too, meaning that they don’t just provide one beauty/lifestyle use.

Take for example the 18 in 1 Hemp Baby Unscented product. It’s great to use for babies and those with skin conditions due to being fragrance free, yet also is a great eczema healer, shampoo for hair, and all over body soap. Ingredients include water, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, jojoba and hemp oil. I also have the Eucalyptus oil soap and the Peppermint oil one too,  but other variations include Green Tea, Lavender, Rose and Almond to name a few. In case you are wondering what the ’18 in 1′ uses are, well it’s more of a case of what can’t these soaps be used for! Bathing, shaving, brushing your teeth, rinsing fruit, aromatherapy, washing dishes by hand, doing laundry, mopping floors, all-purpose cleaning, washing windows, scrubbing toilets, washing dogs, controlling dust mites, killing ants and aphids… a real multi use cleanser. They cost £8 each and would make a great gift for any vegan friends who love natural beauty products.

dr bronners
dr bronners
dr dronner's
dr bronner's
Gold Collagen Hydrogel Mask
Last year I managed to sample the Gold Collagen liquid beauty supplement drinks, which directly give you a boost of hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid, chosen for their anti-ageing benefits. I’m all for looking after my skin and health from the inside, but sometimes it can be difficult with all the bad diet temptation out there. Luckily these help, and they actually taste really nice; or at least I think so anyway. They have a nice little sweet after-taste to them. The advanced formulations they are packed with are aimed at healthy skin, hair and nails by enhancing your skins natural collagen production, increasing skin hydration and elasticity. With regular intake of Gold Collagen, you should be on your way to much healthier skin hair and nails.

When I heard that the brand had now launched a Hydrogel Mask, I was pretty excited because I really do feel the brands supplements do a great job, so if a similar principle is behind the masks, then I have every faith these will deliver. So I tried them out, those really unattractive masks that fold out to look like a paper mask – you know the type I mean? They may look funny, but it’s usually these types that work the best. The mask has been developed for tired-looking, dehydrated skin (I tick those boxes) which come with a unique water soluble bio-matrix to create maximum moisturising and regenerating ingredients (pearl extract, tea tree and red algae are also included). Because the mask has hydrogel properties, it allows optimal absorption of the ingredients to really sink in and improve hydration levels. I’ve really enjoyed using the masks so far, and have found my skin looks much more glowing once rinsed off. I’m prone to dry patches on my upper cheeks and around my eyes as I’m always putting the heating on, which plays havoc with my skin, but using this mask seems to keep the patches at bay…

The masks are currently available from Boots Stores and online, free with any purchase of a 30 or 90 day programme of the supplements.

gold collagen
gold collagen
gold collagen

AA Skincare Frankincense and Rose Clay Mask
Another beauty of a mask I’ve recently discovered is the new Frankincense and Rose Clay Mask from one of my favourite brands of 2015 – AA Skincare. It’s aimed at more mature skins, so as I’m just 29, I guess I’m not classed as mature yet, but it’s still important to treat your skin for anti-ageing during your twenties, right? The thick textured mask is infused with Frankincense essential oil to help rejuvenate and tone the skin, whilst Rose oil works on nourishing, hydrating and moisturising. What I actually found though is that due to this being a clay mask, it worked really well at drawing out any impurities and basically just helping me achieve that more flawless look, with minimised pores and a ‘cleaner’ finish. Due to all the super-power natural oils packed into this mask (rosehip, sunflower and argan to name a few) it’s incredibly moisturising and leaves skin supple and soft. Great value at £7.94 from AA Skincare. So far, this brand has never disappointed yet…

AA Skincare
AA Skincare
Wunder2 Wunderbrow 
I’m a huge fan of grooming my eyebrows, but only really go as far as trying out new pencils and powders to shape my brows and keep them looking full, thick and shaped. I recently came across Wunder2- a brand which retails eyebrow products to ensure brows are kept in ultimate condition and look the best they will ever look. I was actually really intrigued to try out two of the products from the range, mainly because one of them was a different product to what I have ever used on my brows before (Wunderbrow – a semi permanent eyebrow gel), and the other was a WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension and Volumising Mascara, which I was a lot more familiar with.

Let’s sum up the semi permanent gel: The gel aims to be a one-step solution to eyebrow shape and hair loss, in a thick liquid form on a little brush. It has an exclusive Permafix Technology and proprietary Hair Fiber Complex to create ‘the perfect brow in under 2 minutes’ that will last for days. The hair-like fibers are combined with specially treated pigments designed to fasten onto both the skin and hair to create a flexible matrix, locking the colour and fibers onto brows.

I’m quite lucky with my brows – they are naturally dark and fairly thick, so it’s just the shaping I have to deal with. When I used this gel, I found it quite easy and mess-free to apply (which I wasn’t expecting) but I have to use the tiniest amount just as a filler where I would usually press on pencil or powder. You can control how much you want applying, and how dark you need it layering up, so it’s great for shaping up and filling in. I noticed my brows remained fuller and more shaped for days after this application, despite washing my face daily, but I feel those people with fairer and finer eyebrows than me would experience the best effects from this. Once the gel is applied and is drying, I brush the hairs upwards to distribute spare gel to make the whole brow kind of ‘come together’, if you get what I am trying to say. It seems to work wonderfully on me who doesn’t need it as much, so it’s got to work a dream for those suffering the ‘no brow’ look.

The second product from this brand is the WUNDEREXTENSIONS Volumising Mascara, which promotes itself as a new breakthrough mascara that combines the benefits of two separate formulas into one product. What this means is that it contains two separate formulas with distinct functions. both filled inside the mascara tube which become seamlessly blended upon application, giving a balanced mascara that will provide multiple lash benefits in one stroke.  The two formulas are below:

FORMULA 1:  ‘The ‘Blue’ Volumizing Technology covers each lash with advanced “micro-hydra-tubes.” These microhydra-tubes treat and surround each lash with hydration and nourishment, thickening each lash for a voluminous look, preparing them to be coated by the ‘Black’ Extension Technology.  Lives with Formula 2 in same tube to give better benefits in under 2 minutes for wunderful lashes.

FORMULA 2: ‘Black’ Extension Technology The ‘Black’ Extension Technology works on two levels: immediate and long term.  Mini tinted 3-Dimensional lash extensions (with varied lengths and widths to mimic the look of real hair) are applied to each lash creating tremendous length immediately. Additionally, a clinically tested ingredient works to accelerate lash growth within 2 weeks of daily use.  Said to experience 25% longer lashes in just 14 days.


So what did I think? So far so good. When I look close up at my lashes, they actually look thicker, like each hair has more density and the lash line is of a more fuller volume. I’m not sure if it’s in my head or it actually reflects this, but I’m pretty sure it’s true. My lashes look dramatically longer and more ‘wow’ when I wear this, although when I take this off I’m not sure yet if my natural  lash growth has actually accelerated. I mean they look long… but as I wear mascara everyday I’m not sure if it’s just the mascara that gives that impression.

Really easy to apply – just brush on like a regular mascara. I’ve experienced no clumping, smudging or flaking since using this, just long dramatic lashes, so I’d say it’s looking like quite an impressive product.

Both the Wunderbrow and WUNDEREXTENSIONS cost £19.95 each from Wunder2. 

There we have it – 5 new products I’ve loved exploring so far in Januart. Have you uncovered any new products you are loving at the moment?

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