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Things Not To Forget When Going On Holiday

How often have you landed in a foreign country to only realise that you have forgotten something really important? No one wants to forget something…

Las Iguanas Manchester Spring/Summer Menu

I’ve always been a fan of Las Iguanas for as long as I remember. My first memory of discovering the place was around 11 years…

How to Get Out of a Jewellery Rut

I have a love-love relationship with jewellery. But from time to time, it turns into love-hate, purely because I find myself getting bored of the…

The Home Improvements Which Can Help Your Self-Care

Lets face it: we’re always connected to the outside world. Most of us obsessively use our smartphones all day, as well as tracking our fitness…

Self-Care: 5 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

I think it’s safe to say that mental health is (thankfully) something that we’re all hearing more about these days. People are beginning to talk…

Getting My Hair Done at Boombae Manchester

Lat month, I had the awful scenario of where on Erath do I go for my hair. If you’ve been reading What Emma Did and…

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Despite the fact that the front of our home is seen by everyone, a lot of us still neglect this area. A recent survey that…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did