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Fashion: LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre My Tights Competition

Following up from my previous posts about the My Tights LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre tights competition that I will be judging, the date of the competition closing…

Beauty: LP Skin Therapy by Linda Papadopoulos

If there is one TV channel I have grown up watching, it’s QVC. My mum is an avid watcher, constantly telling me about the products…

Beauty: Models Own Announces ‘Keep Refrigerated’

A new revelation in nail colour inspired by the glow stick! Colour cosmetics brand Models Own has unveiled the worldwide launch of its latest collection …

Fashion: The Boohoo Dungarees

A quick post to highlight the item of clothing I am lusting after this week! New from Boohoo’s Boutique collection are these super cool Stella…

Hair: Toni & Guy Slim Curling Tong

If you follow hair trends, then you’ll possibly already be clued up that this season it’s about ditching the tight curls and opting for big,…

Careers: New BBC Series Opportunity

Calling all budding Fashion Marketeers! Do you have a real passion for fashion? Are you a brand junkie, and know everything from quirky lifestyle labels to…

Beauty: Elemis Cleansing Duos

I have a really simple skincare routine, and that is by using two staple skincare products morning and night which I swear by, and find…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did