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Fashion: Primark SS14 For Budgeting

2014 August 23
by What Emma Did

Apologies for the huge delay in posting, but I have just moved into a new apartment in Manchester city centre, meaning I had no access to internet for two whole weeks. Those who know the in’s and out’s of wordpress will understand it’s very difficult to blog via an iPhone, sp it unfortunately meant I just had to leave the website very quiet for a couple of weeks!

Anyway, I’m back as from today with a new laptop and a speedy internet connection. So just a little catch up email about a topic I’m having to focus on right now, which is…

Budget Shopping
So the new apartment, new car and 6 weeks off work before starting my new job has left me very very poor. However, poor or not poor, I still need to shop. So all hail Primark and it’s cheapness. See below two different outfits for my new job purchased from the purse friendly store.

IMG 1441 2 587x1024 Fashion: Primark SS14 For Budgeting

IMG 1490 2 757x1024 Fashion: Primark SS14 For Budgeting
How lovely is the bag, for just £8? It’s such a good size for both work and going out in the evenings. It’s also uber smart and stylish, made from strong materials and has cute gold finishings. Also, the grey top in the first image was £7 and they currently stock a range of colours. It may look pretty ‘plain’ – but it’s one of those staple wardrobe classics that can be paired with skinny jeans, a mini skirt or cute little shorts.

Thank you Primark and the remains of your SS14 range for providing fast fashion this week!

Beauty: Perfect Pink Lips Review

2014 August 3
by What Emma Did

So my latest post was about my top two eyebrow pencils to create easy, shaped brows. I chose a contrast of two – a budget, high street retailer brand Rimmel, and MAC, a more prestigious department store brand at a more premium retail price. In today’s post, I wanted to review two products which work fantastically together to create the perfect summer pink lips! Nothing looks more girly and feminine than glossy popping pink lips, so I have fused together the lovely Candy Yum-Yum matte lipstick shade from MAC (£15.50) and the Glitter and Ice Lipglass (£14.50), also from MAC!

lipstick 1024x957 Beauty: Perfect Pink Lips Review
photo 6 910x1024 Beauty: Perfect Pink Lips Review
The Candy Yum-Yum shade glides on really nice and leaves a subtle sweet pink shade on the lips, along with a matte finish. What I love about MAC lipsticks is that they stay put and there is no shifting them once they are on, no matter how often you may lick your lips or drink from glasses! I must own approx 200 lipsticks, and some of them sit in the creases and start fading off within an hour. This particular one from MAC does not! If you want to opt for a shimmery, glossy pout but still using the matte MAC lipstick, then this is where the Glitter and Ice gloss comes in handy. Just one application of this coats lips fully and adds a gorgeous shiny sheen. It does feel slightly thick, but once lips are rubbed together, the sticky feeling fades and you are left with lustrous sheeny lips!

I went out into Manchester last night and coated my lips with both these MAC shades and it really completed my make up look. The perfect girly pout!

Image 1 2 Beauty: Perfect Pink Lips Review


Beauty: The Eyebrow Pencil

2014 August 1
by What Emma Did

If you have been clued up into the beauty industry and latest trends for the past year, you’ll know that brows are back, and the eyebrow grooming business is booming! Its a little bit rubbish for those unfortunate to have over plucked or naturally thin, pale eyebrows, as big, bushy dark shaded eyebrows are now ‘the latest’. This is amazing news for me – I am one of those who had to over pluck for years as I am naturally fair haired however seem to have dark eyebrows that could be a lot bigger if I let them grow! However, my over plucking never stopped them growing, so I’ve been able to embrace the trend and let mine be more natural again!

For those not so lucky, this is where eyebrow pencils come in to shape and fill in the gaps. Not only do perfectly groomed, thicker eyebrows stand out more, they also frame your face and can ‘lift’ your face slightly and create a neater look. They can also make blue or pale green eyes stand out more as the dark brown shade contrasts with the pale. If I am to recommend the ultimate eyebrow pencil, I have one very favourite that I swear by, and this is Lingering Eyebrow Pencil by MAC, costing £13.50.

LingeringBrowPencil Beauty: The Eyebrow Pencil

However, this is not a cheap option, and if you are shaping and colouring your brows everyday, you will go through this pencil fairly quickly. So whilst I was travelling Australia, I found a cheaper option which I would rate as my number two essential, and this is the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown. It even comes complete with an eyebrow comb on its lid, so hats off to Rimmel as the MAC option doesn’t come with this. And such a steal at £2.99!

rimmel Beauty: The Eyebrow Pencil

So now I treat you to a picture of my face (not usually a fan of posting myself on the blog!) using the Rimmel pencil, only filling in the inner corners of my eyebrows as mine don’t need shading or much shaping, but it’s just to demonstrate the softness and how it blends in with your natural brow colour. The pencil is really easy to use, and due to it being so soft and blendable, a small smudge goes a long way!

IMG 1008 Beauty: The Eyebrow Pencil

For £2.99 this is an absolute beauty steal and it works just as well as my fave MAC option. So if your on a beauty budget, why not check this pencil out? An eyebrow pencil is an essential for your beauty bag for 2014 and 2015, so you may as well invest in a decent recommendation!


Fashion: Best Of July

2014 July 28
by What Emma Did

Just a quick post today to highlight a couple of my fashion favorites for the month of July. From hats to playsuits, there are a couple of cute little items I am loving and want to share with you all before the month is over…

Fedora Style Hats
OK so mine is from Australia, so for my global readers I’ll share my love for Aussie retailer Dotti, but for everyone else I’ll highlight a UK favourite too so you can see where there are nice ones being sold over here too! First for Australia- Dotti and Sportsgirl have a large selection of hats ranging from little bowler hats to huge floppy sun-style hats, in such a large array of colours. However, mine is from Dotti for $20 which is an absolute steal… it’s a Fedora style and is a simple black style with band. I have to be careful as some hats can drown me with being quite a small girl!

IMG 0866 1024x1024 Fashion: Best Of July
If we are talking UK style, I noticed Topshop, Miss Selfridge and H&M have a lot of cute styles in at the moment, again in a range of colours and sizes. I did feel H&M had the rest range that were really affordable… I possibly don’t need anymore hats, but I found myself tempted when shopping in Liverpool’s H&M earlier today! How stylish is this burgundy wool hat for only £14.99? Burgundy is going to be so big for Autumn too…

hmprod Fashion: Best Of JulyPlaysuits
Once a playsuit queen… always a playsuit queen! Yes my love affair is still growing strong. However, my boring side of fashion comes out with this one, as I showcase my true love for black clothes. I know so many people think it’s boring… but I can’t help it. Most people are like magpies and drawn to all things bright and sparkly. Me? I run to dark, black, simple staple items, maybe throw in a bit of grey or navy to spice it up sometimes. Boring I know! But I call it classic. Just like this playsuit currently available from Zara (in the sale for £17 may I add- hurray!)

facebook picture a 886x1024 Fashion: Best Of July
Simply because we have had such amazing weather lately, I have to mention my new favourite sunglasses retailer, Sunglass Junkie. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than a pair of designer shades. If I had a pair of ‘real’ Dior sunnies, I would cherish them and wear them to death. But I have been travelling Australia and South East Asia, doing a bit of house, hostel and hotel hopping, so anything precious is absolutely no good to me. So this retailer is fantastic for providing stylish sunglasses at really affordable prices and reliable delivery. Whatever shape of glasses your looking for, round, aviator, oversized, you’ll find it, and at an amazing price too! Here’s me having fun with my new aviators from the site, along with a few more styles I love that are currently available online…

IMG 0665 Fashion: Best Of July
sj Fashion: Best Of July
sj1 Fashion: Best Of July
The first pair are £10 and the second pair are £15… can;t get much cheaper than that for good quality shades! You will also find really handy deals and promotions running on the site too, so it’s worth checking out and having a look.

So that’s wrapped up July for now… lots more posting coming up for August!

Fashion: Lavish Alice Brand Focus

2014 July 23
by What Emma Did

So I am finally back from Australia and my South East Asia travels! My two week’s since being back has involved of catching up with friends and family, copious amounts of job interviews and preparing presentations, a little bit of chilling out and now time to car hunt and apartment hunt! Busy busy… which explains the lack of posting lately, but hopefully all will be back on track from now onwards.

My post today is focusing on a brand which is Manchester based, which I thought was apparent seeing as I am back in my home city! Lavish Alice is an online retailer, with a strong focus on cutting edge fashion and catwalk led trends. If you like to own the hottest styles and constantly shop fast fashion, you’ll find them an uber-cool retailer as they have such an extensive, affordable collection of clothes. Take this Powder Blue Cropped Mini Dress, £45… I recently received this pretty dress and was amazed at how thick the material is, with strong lining and a feel of real quality.

IMG 0630 597x1024 Fashion: Lavish Alice Brand Focus
I teamed the dress up with some wedge ankle boots and threw over a smart black jacket for a day out in Hale with a group of friends. I will also definitely be wearing this for a night out, or any special occasions coming up, therefore it’s a bit of an all-rounder!  The model  on the website wears it with some gorgeous chunky white shoes, so this is a slight inspiration for me when I decide to ‘dress’ this up a bit!

lavish alice 1 Fashion: Lavish Alice Brand Focus
lavish alice 767x1024 Fashion: Lavish Alice Brand Focus
I had another little browse on the website earlier today, trawling the New In category to see if there was any inspiration for some of the up-coming birthdays and weddings I have. Had to say, I LOVE the monochrome version of the powder blue dress, and also the simple yet chic jumpsuit below that has been seen on Samantha Faiers. Some lovely items available at the moment!

lavish alice 2 Fashion: Lavish Alice Brand Focus
lavish alice3 Fashion: Lavish Alice Brand Focus
lavish alice4 Fashion: Lavish Alice Brand Focus

Lifestyle: Nescafe Launches Pop-Up Paper Mugs

2014 July 14
by What Emma Did

I have to share this uber-cool launch from Nescafe that I found browsing this morning… basically the jist of it is that whilst you have the lonely task of reading the paper during your commute, you can now have a mug of coffee with a friend that ‘pops up’. Have a read below!

“Ahh, the morning paper. You’ve just settled into your seat on the train, or perhaps a park bench, to enjoy the morning light and digest the news of the day. But there are two things missing: your cup of morning joe, and another person to enjoy this peaceful moment of solitude with you.

nescafe paper mugs hed 2014 Lifestyle: Nescafe Launches Pop Up Paper Mugs

Yes, the folks at Nescafé France have deemed reading a newspaper to be “a rather lonely moment.” As a cure for this intolerable isolation, they’ve invented branded newspaper wrappers that come with pop-up paper mugs, apparently with coffee powder in them. If you happen to be near some hot water, well you’re in luck! Instant coffee!

There are two mugs: one for you, and one for the person you are now sharing your Metro newspaper with!

See the video below as actors convincingly use these paper advertisements as actual mugs, filling them with scalding liquid. And note the relief on their faces as they once again avoid another moment of being totally and inescapably alone.

Fashion: DKNY Teams With Cara Delevingne

2014 June 14
by What Emma Did

I know that everyone seems to love British model Cara Delevingne, however, I do claim I love her more- and anyone who tries to argue that can feel free to battle it out with me! So I was rather to happy to hear that her next big move is to launch a capsule clothing collection with fashion label DKNY. The New York-based fashion house confirmed the 15 piece sporty range will be available from November 2014 and will featured sweats, a pantsuit, vest tops, bombers and parka.

dkny fall cara ads15 Fashion: DKNY Teams With Cara Delevingne

Everyone is fighting for this girl! Soon it will be a case of who hasn’t she modeled and collaborated with, rather than who she can sign up with next. However it seems DKNY have got in there first in terms of designing an actual collection.

Fashion United published this news earlier this week, stating that Cara claimed: “I can’t believe that some random, rough ideas have finally turned into my own collection…designs with my own name on them and in collaboration with the iconic DKNY brand.” If the collection is any reflection on Delevingnes own style, then I am straight there for the launch!

800x1087xdkny spring 2014 campaign 6.jpg.pagespeed.ic .4vokdts85j 753x1024 Fashion: DKNY Teams With Cara Delevingne

The pieces are expected have a unisex appeal and will retail from 70 dollars for accessories to 735 dollars for a leather biker jacket (so for my English readers, that’s £35 upwards). Hopefully when I get to see the collection preview, I’ll feature it on here…
(NB: images are from the DKNY ad campaign Cara modeled for – not the new collection)

Fashion: Illustrated Campaign by Jessica Choay

2014 June 8
by What Emma Did

I have always had a keen eye for illustration, and I love nothing more than when a designer leeks out their personal designs and incorporates them into a season campaign. For SS14, this is what designer Jessica Choay has done – she has focused on sensual, mysterious ‘revenge’ dressing to embrace the power of the sexual woman, allowing her designs to stand out in a faded illustartion background. Capturing fierce revenge, passion and love, these illustrations are breath-takingly beautiful for Sunday morning viewing…


jessicachoaylarevancacampaign Fashion: Illustrated Campaign by Jessica Choay

jessicachoayspringsummer14campaign3 Fashion: Illustrated Campaign by Jessica Choay

 jessicachoayspringsummer14campaign1 Fashion: Illustrated Campaign by Jessica Choay

jessicachoayspringsummer14campaign5 Fashion: Illustrated Campaign by Jessica Choay

jessicachoayspringsummer14campaign9 Fashion: Illustrated Campaign by Jessica Choay

Fashion: Value Fashion At SammyDress.Com

2014 May 23
by What Emma Did

I thought I had seen some really affordable, value online retailers that offer some of the lowest priced clothing I have ever seen lately, but then I was recently contacted by the blogger team at fashion e-tailer, introducing me to their website, and this one takes value to another level! specialises in affordable fast fashion for women, men and children, as well as retailing a range of home, beauty and wedding attire. The shopping experience kind of has a ‘wholesale’ feel – for example, I firstly checked out the ‘dresses’ shop category, to be greeted with rows and rows of dresses in all different styles and a range of different photography. Some of the models showcasing the outfits look like ‘real girls’ or blogger style images, so the whole shopping feel is quite laid back and casual, which is quite nice for a value e-tailer…

sammydress Fashion: Value Fashion At SammyDress.Com One thing I really liked whilst browsing this site is that there are so many options to chose from. Daywear, eveningwear, casual, work, Summer…. there is so much choice! However the sizes available are quite limited, which I think is why there are hundreds of styles available, as you will find the majority of clothing comes under ‘one size’. This isn’t always ideal for me as I have a really petite frame, so when the SammyDress team asked me to pick an item, I opted for an accessory instead. And a girl can never have too many bags…

This gold studded bag retails at $12! Amazingly cheap!

IMG 8582 881x1024 Fashion: Value Fashion At SammyDress.Com

IMG 8583 896x1024 Fashion: Value Fashion At SammyDress.Com
Such a simple style with gold detailing and studs, with one side having a more velvet-type material touch. Looks great carried as a grip bag, or if you attach the detachable strap, a stylish shoulder bag!

IMG 8584 818x1024 Fashion: Value Fashion At SammyDress.Com

IMG 8585 791x1024 Fashion: Value Fashion At SammyDress.Com
Here’s another little snippet below taken from the website showcasing a selection of different style tops, all retailing from $7 to $9 – how cheap can one retailer be?

sammydress1 Fashion: Value Fashion At SammyDress.Com

Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia

2014 May 19
by What Emma Did

I have been meaning to produce a travel related blog post on here for quite some time now, but due to my busy Sydney life it has been proving to be a little difficult! Anyway, I have finally got round to posting about a fantastic travel trip that is a must-do when visiting Australia, and that is to visit the Blue Mountains.

As much as I love the great outdoors – I’ll happily walk anywhere and in terms of fitness, I like a good run and work out regularly- my first impressions of a weekend at the Blue Mountains did disturb me a little with thoughts that involved hiking up huge mountains, hiking boots in place, grabbing onto rocks and being freezing cold at the top of the highest peaks (it is Winter in Australia!). However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. There are so many pretty attractions in terms of national parks, waterfalls, historical points of attraction, mountain views and breath taking look-out points that the actual trip to the Blue Mountains however long you stay is one big chilled out trip. That’s how we found it anyway…

IMG 7818 764x1024 Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia

IMG 7822 1024x764 Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia

There are so many planned trips to the Blue Mountains, which i’m sure are really good and it depends what you are into, but for us personally we hired a car and did the tour ourselves which we found so much better. It allows you to park up at various National Parks and take on the different walking routes past various views. Some of the walks take an hour, some 20 mins, some much longer at 3 hours. It really depends what you are here to see and the time you have. Our first stop was a place called Glenbrook Gorge, which took us through  national park up unto a pretty little lake. If you are driving to the Blue Mountains from Sydney City, it’s the first tourist route you come across as you approach. If you have time on your side, make this your first stop off to ease you into the walking and introduce yourself to the incredible views.

IMG 7826 764x1024 Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia
IMG 7827 764x1024 Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia
IMG 7829 1024x764 Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia

The next place we visited was the Katoomba falls and more of the enormous National Parks of the Blue Mountains. We took on a view long, windy walks around the mountain tops which led us to secret waterfalls and hidden away beauty spots that all toured around the magnificent Katoomba Falls waterfalls. Whilst travelling around the area of Katoomba, there are so many beautiful look out points that we made time to stop off at them all, so if you have the time, do you research and plan where they all are around Katoomba and stop off at each one.  I reckon we visited approximately 10 look out points in total, each one delivering views out of this world!

10157391 10100528608302134 1423530663792111826 n Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia

When driving through Katoomba, one of the main tourist points and attractions you have to see is The Three Sisters – a remaining formation of rock shaped in three ‘sister’ like figures peeking out of the skyline through the mountains. At night, the landmark gets floodlit, and looks amazing set amongst the greenery, cliffs, mountain tops and clouds, so ideally visiting The Three Sisters in the evening is a must. To get to The Three Sisters, you drive through a lovely little village calleD Leura, which is home to the cutest tea shops, cakes shops, cafes and eateries. There is a famous, must-visit tearoom called Bygone Beautys Tearoom which is meant to be the best place to stop at for tea and cake. We didn’t manage to go here as we were trying to fit in all the lookout points before sunset, and then venture to The Three Sisters, but this was something recommended to us before we went.

IMG 7839 1024x764 Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia
IMG 7851 764x1024 Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia
The following day, after visiting another set of look-out points in the morning, we went to visit Scenic World, which captures the stunning views of the Blue Mountains via cable car and the world’s steepest incline railway train! The cable cars and train take you deep into Jamison Valley, which is a beautiful Jurassic rainforest where you get really in-touch with nature, birdlife, and bushwalking. Not only is walking across the boardwalks of Jamison Valley a stunning scenic walk, there is also lots of unusual and unique pieces of art lining the boardwalks, making it a real viewing pleasure for the arty types like myself!

IMG 7891 1024x764 Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia

IMG 7907 1024x764 Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia
Last but not least, and my favourite part of the trip, was the Jenolan Caves and Jenolan Lake. Never before have I seen so much beauty! We just opted to do the one tour of the caves, I think there are 3 in total, but one really is enough as it lasts an hour and a half. You get a guided tour in and out of the caves which are so historic and unreal to see… even just walking around the caves and not going inside allows you to see some fantastic views of traditional caves and rocks set in there natural state. When we finished the cave tour, we finished off our trip with a walk around Jenolan Lake, which is famous for it’s tranquility and deep turquoise waters, and not forgetting the platypus that swim in the lake! We saw one pop its head up a few times, which was a lovely end to our trip. The photographs of the lake are my favourite ones from the weekend we had at the Blue Mountains… I can’t get over how gorgeous the lake water looks and how ‘tropical’ the setting is!

IMG 7903 1024x764 Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia

IMG 7913 764x1024 Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia
IMG 7937 1024x764 Travel: The Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia

Only words of warning I would advise for a trip to the Blue Mountains is that staying over in Katoomba may be ideal and cheap, with some really nice, affordable hostels and hotels, but Katoomba itself isn’t a place to really ‘go out’ or have a nice evening as such. There are limited restaurants which close early and tend to get fully booked, so do your research! And set off early – this is a place a lot of people venture to during the weekend and we did find ourselves stuck in a traffic jam for over 2 hours! Other than that… this is a must-see place when visiting Sydney an Australia!