Fashion: Slogan Tees with In Love With Fashion

slogan tee

There is nothing more striking than a bold slogan tee, right? I feel like with the rise of all these humorous sayings and ‘hashtag phrases’ or so I like to call them, like ‘Resting Bitch Face’, ‘Just Sayin’ and ‘I Woke Up Like This’, it’s getting cooler to start wearing our favourite phrases on our clothes. I’m a huge fan of the slogan, but I seem to enjoy having them on my home wear more than my clothes, such as quote mugs, coasters and wall art.

What I do love in terms of wording prints is smart and sassy fashionable related slogans on my clothing. As someone who has worked in the fashion industry for almost 15 years, it makes sense to wear my favourite designer quotes or designers names on my chest of course! So this t-shirt I’m currently wearing from ILWF is perfect for me: I’m expressing my love for Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs all at once…

in love with fashion
in love with fashion
what emma did

what emma did
emma campbell
As you can see from my little snaps, I’ve dressed this Designers Tee down with some loose fitting black trousers and a pair of Adidas trainers. I feel a good slogan tee looks more urban and street when paired with relaxed clothing.  I don’t usually go for such a casual look, but I’m rather liking this!

This is definitely my type of slogan tee, and it’s a steal at £14.99 too. I actually had a good old browse too at some other cool ones at ILWF, such as more quirky ones like ‘Netflix and Chill?’, ‘Coco Made Me Do It’, ‘Celfie’ and ‘I’d Rather Be A Unicorn’. They make quite nice Christmas presents too if you have a hard-to-buy-for person, especially if you go down the humorous route! I know the ‘Celfie’ style will certainly go down with so many girlfriends at the moment…

Fashion: How To Style a Simple Dress

grey dress

You all probably know by now that I spend the majority of time on this blog raving about how much I love wearing dresses. It’s true – they are effortless for putting an outfit together, taking away the debate of pairing together tops with skirts, tights, trousers, shirts… pop on a dress and half your main outfit is pretty much all together! I recently took my love of dresses to join a challenge with House of Fraser, called #mystylemydress, which aims to let me style u a simple little dress the way I like to. No rules, except my own. So, we take the dress (which is a simple little light grey number from House of Frasers range of dresses), and here I go adding my own little touches to make it suitable for December. I haven’t gone over-the-top with making it all ‘party party’ for Christmas, as I’m a true lover of simple yet statement. But take a look anyway!…

grey house of fraser dress
grey dress
what emma did
what emma did

grey hof dress
grey hof dress
The dress in particular is a Vero Moda 3/4 Sleeve Dress, for £20. It’s a super affordable all-year-round style that could quite frankly be dressed up or down really easily the usage of jewellery, scarves, waistcoats, tights, heels… the list is endless!

For my look today, I wanted to make it suitable for desk-to-drinks this December, so I’ve upped it’s glam factor by adding a shiny gold waist belt to contrast with the grey and to add some shape. It’s worth noting that I’m quite petite, therefore I do like to pull in the waist to avoid dresses looking a little too slack on me. I have also added a drop earring, nude low heels, and a slick ponytail. Quite a cute girly look, right?

Beauty: Party Season Rejuevenation Looks

what emma did
what emma did

Christmas is creeping up on us a lot quicker than planned, and if you are anything like me,  soon enough you may start to feel the pressure of finding that perfect outfit for all the festive nights. It’s the time of year so many girls start to feel the pressure of looking their best, losing a bit of weight, clearing up their skin, and in general just looking their ultimate best self. It’s difficult: the above shots are taken when I’ve spent over an hour getting ready for one special occasions, but what about when there is a constant flow of parties one after another and time to get ready is pressure? I certainly don’t look great the majority of the time, with tired skin, puffy eyes and a dull complexion.

With constant cameras flashing and plenty of socialising, I have noticed a lot of girls these days are more open to considering the idea of cosmetic treatments to ensure looking your best for Christmas and New Year. I for one haven’t had much experience with this, with the exception of skin treatments, but I completely understand why they work for some people.

The thought of undergoing cosmetic surgery may sound like a scary prospect, but you don’t necessarily have to go under the knife to achieve the look you want. I gathered up some advice below about a range of non-surgical treatments are available to help rejuvenate your appearance and give you that refreshed glow. Thanks to the minimally invasive nature of non-surgical treatments, recovery time is usually quick and so is the perfect solution if you want a little touch up before the party season.

Wide variety of non-surgical treatments

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, there are a variety of treatments that can refresh different aspects of your appearance. Whether you are looking to restore a more youthful look or there is a particular feature that bothers you, you can bet there’s an effective treatment out there.


One of the simplest ways to reduce wrinkles and revitalise your appearance is having Botox injections. A quick and relatively painless process, Botox can reduce the effects of ageing, getting rid of frown lines and forehead lines. Botox is particularly low risk and effects can be seen for months at a time.

Lip fillers

If you are unhappy with your lips and want a way to enhance them ready for the party season, then lip fillers could be the answer. With our lips being one of the most vulnerable areas when it comes to ageing, lip fillers can reshape and redefine your lips while adding definition to the mouth and face. Ensure you have the perfect smile ready for the festivities of Christmas and get that pout you’ve always wanted!

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers is a non-invasive wrinkle reduction treatment that gives the skin a boost. Filling and smoothing any sagging skin, dermal fillers offer a more youthful appearance. Injected into the skin, the effects of dermal fillers can last between 12 and 18 months at a time.

Obagi skin treatment

Looking after your skin is essential to ensure you always look refreshed and glowing, even as you age. Supreme products for facial care from Obagi help keep signs of ageing at bay and provide a non-intrusive way of preventing the signs of ageing.

Skin peels

Having a skin peel is a great way to refresh layers of the skin, allowing you to feel more confident in your appearance again. This is a great treatment to gain subtle and natural looking results ready for glam season this year. This type of non-surgical treatment can enable you to look fresh once again!

No matter what part of your appearance you would like to refresh in time for Christmas, non-surgical treatments are perfect if you are not ready for surgery and they are often a lot cheaper than a surgical procedure. On top of this, non-surgical treatments can deliver subtle enhancements that look natural and can keep your family and friends guessing! If you are interested in creating a refreshed appearance for yourself this Christmas, get in touch with fully UK trained and accredited clinics such as Beyond Beauty Cosmetic to ensure you are receiving the best treatment possible.

I hope this feature gave you a little bit of advice if you were unsure about ways to rejuvenate non-surgically, but perhaps felt a little scared or unsure!

Beauty: Little Black Friday Box with Look Fantastic

look fantastic
look fantastic
Happy Black Friday readers! Over at my favourite online beauty retailer, Look Fantastic, they are celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Weekend in true beauty style, by launching some incredible offers worth taking note of if you love your beauty, haircare and skincare. Today’s little post is discussing some of the lovely deals, and sharing my amazing #LFBLACKFRIDAY special box I received just in time to treat myself this cyber weekend.

I don’t know about you, but I spend most of my money on beauty treats, and I find that when the sales kick in, the most worthy ones always lie within the health/skin/cosmetics areas. Me and my friends are always on the lookout for some nifty deals, so Look Fantastic’s Black Friday have been highly anticipated. So here we go, here is a round up of some of the deals to get your hands on today and this weekend…

look fantastic
look fantastic
look fantastic
Tangle Teezer Original Purple Crush: 3 for 2 across haircare
I first started using a tangle teezer when I got given one for my 28th birthday last year, and now I would be lost without one. They are perfect for getting the tangles out when brushing through wet hair, and cause minimal damage , which is always a winner. Celebrate today with 3 for 2 on haircare offers!

GLAMGLOW Youth Mud Mask: 3 for 2 across the range
Another long time favourite of mine – GLAMGLOW face masks are what I tend to describe as luxury facial care, with the brands premium range of skin saving masks. They can be quite pricey to buy, but worth every single penny. My favourite from the brand is the Super Mud Clearing Mask, which I noticed an improvement to skin texture, clarity, breakouts and redness after just two applications (great for acne prone skin). If anyone was to ever buy me a face mask as a gift, this would be first on my list. Check out the 3 for 2 offer on this brand today.

Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser: An exclusive Limited Edition 450ml Cleanser with £110 off- worth £250 (buy now for £140)
So to me, the award-winning Eve Lom cleanser is the crem de la crem of skincare. A brand I see as fine quality and luxe, this brand and product in particular makes a gorgeous gift idea for the ladies in your life who appreciate high end skincare. This offer is a superb reduction in price.

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer: 3 for 2 across the range
Straight from the American hype, this product has beauty bloggers and make-up artists singing it’s praises. I actually use this on my brides and bridesmaids when I carry out occasion make-up as a part time make-up artist. The texture is creamy and blend-able, yet the coverage is a killer! A great time to stock up or explore a new brand with the 3 for 2 offer.

La Roche-Posay Moisturiser: 3 for 2 across the range
This is another brand I have reviewed positively on the blog, more recently for their lovely micellar cleansing water gel. A great time to stock up on cleansing and moisturising favourites with the 3 for 2 offer.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: Save 35% on core collection + 3 for 2 on everything else
Look Fantastic, you guys read my mind. I have wanted to try out this sponge for so long, especially for blending in the highlighter I put on my cheeks, forehead and nose whilst playing around with contouring and highlighting. Real Techniques are another bloggers and make-up artists favourite brand, widely praised for their rather attractive looking and effective make-up brushes. Take a look at the offers on this brand here.

amazing concealer
look fantastic
look fantastic
For the full list of Black Friday and Cyber Weekend offers available, take a look at the list here.  What;’s more, there is also a HUGE 20% off at Look Fantastic by using the code LFBLACK on selected items until 30th November. If you have been waiting until this weekend to get some beautiful little treats for the girlies in your life, then take a look and see what you can scope out. It’s going to be one popular beauty sale!

Lifestyle: Little Black Favourites

what emma did
The savvy shoppers favourite day has arrived – it’s Black Friday! If you are a social media maven, then the majority of you are going to be inundated with deals and offers during today and Cyber Weekend. I’m guessing already your inbox’s have become full to the brim with slashed prices from your favourite brands, and even tempting little offers from restaurants and supermarkets.

In true blogger style, I produced a post yesterday (which you can see here) which round-ups up a few deals that I spotted and wanted to share with you, and I have another one coming up later today too. But this morning, I wanted to dedicate this post to celebrating everything black for this colour themed day! And what is more exciting than a black box filled with Black Friday inspired treats?

little black box
little black box
little black box
little black box
little black box
little black box
little black box
The box was delivered from TNT Direct – who today are leaving their orange logo behind in exchange for striking back. As you can see, the ‘LittleBlackBox’ is dedicated to a few of our favourite things which come in black, such as the below:

Moleskin Notebook
Black Coffee from The Little Coffee Bag Co
Black Jacks
100% Willies Cacao Gold Chocolate
Black Lip Paint from Barry M
Black Nail Paint from Barry M
Black Tea Lights

In my opinion, these items are a girls essentials all stuffed into a little black box- whether in black, or perhaps a different shade when I’m not celebrating Black Friday. But today, all my notes are getting recorded in my moleskin notebook, I’m drinking black coffee (I’m a coffee fiend at the best of times), and I’m even rocking a scary black lip. A little bit Halloween style, but lets just celebrate the day! (I also added in my Little Black Book of contatcts – a bloggers safely guarded book stuffed with important fashion and beauty contacts…)

black lipstick
The only thing missing from this little black box of favourites is a killer LBD! Or Little Black Dress for those not too familiar with the abbreviation. But never mind, you can shop my own range of black dresses over at my What Emma Did Boutique and celebrate with a striking black timeless dress.

From the very first photo at the top of this post, you can see I’m also rocking a snuggly black coat today too. All hail black for Black Friday!

what emma did

Lifestyle: Black Friday Deal Round Up

black friday
A black dress for Black Friday! Today’s post is jumping on the band wagon and rounding-up all the latest offers and deals that are launching for the biggest shopping weekend of the year. As many of you will know, I have my own dress boutique which is over at the What Emma Did Boutique. I’m a nice little boutique owner and my range of pretty dresses are actually priced super affordable all year, so unfortunately I won’t be joining in the Black Friday offers this year. I am, however, joining in the ASOS Marketplace discount weekend, where there is 20% off my dresses if you chose to shop the collection over instead. So if you opt for some occasion dress shopping this weekend, you may wish to purchase from me at ASOS rather than my direct boutique if you want to make some savings!

Moving on from dresses, here are some of my other favourite Black Friday offers running…

My Protein
The whey protein and health/fitness retailer made an early start this year and launched some fantastic deals from Monday 23rd! You can take a look at their Black Friday deals here, and click on ‘see more deals’ to take a look at the huuuuuge list! Some of the deals include free brownies when you spend over £25 (I’ve tried these before and trust me they are tasty!), 50% any protein pills and aminos, 30% off 30 best-sellers, up to 50% off protein smoothies, and 3 for 2 on clothing. I got in there early and purchased a comfy black work out hoody from My Protein as I’m a little bit of a hoody obsessive. Some offers end at 11pm tonight, and some continue until the 30th, so either way, I’d hurry with this one!

my protein hoody

I can’t get enough of this beauty brand, and I have got some gorgeous goodies to share with you in my gift guide which goes live next week! But if you want to shop some philosophy treats early – after all, they make super gifts for the ladies – then you’ll be able to get your hands on some lovely offers on Friday. The below is available from:

*The philosophy microdelivery peel kit & travel size renewed hope in jar moisturiser 15ml has £15off  (Friday only)- so basically when you buy the microdelivery peel you get £15 off and a free renewed hope moisturiser.
* 50% off renewed hope moisturisers 60ml: original , oil-free, dry and night  (Monday only)
* ½ price on fresh cream range

The following are available at

* Amazing grace and pure grace shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath 480ml for £10 (reduced from £19)
* 50% off renewed hope moisturisers 60ml: original , oil-free, dry and night

renewed hope in a jar renewed hope in a jar
Hair Rehab
50 % off all synthetic hair ranges from Wednesday 25th-Friday 27th.

House of Fraser
High Street department store HOF has varying discounts, including 30% off certain pieces. Starts Wednesday 25th November to Cyber Monday.

Marks and Spencer
Up to 50% off various lines, ending on Monday 30th.

Lavish Alice
Trend retailer Lavish Alice are offering 30% off everything on the site (amazing time to shop partywear), from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday.

Pretty Little Thing
Running from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday, PLT are offering up to 50% off as well as Happy Hour deals throughout the day

20% off all outerwear and knitwear on Black Friday. Great for snuggly Winter wear shopping.

Happy shopping, and I pray the websites don’t crash this time around!

Fashion: Classic cuts and simple styling

what emma did
One of my new years resolutions for next year – related to the blog of course- is to start taking lots more outfit posts during the daytime so that I capture some nicer ‘real life’ looks. I’ve started already by purchasing a large bedroom mirror, which is much wider than the usual one I own, and it can be moved around my house so I can shoot some ‘what I wore today’ outfits with a much lighter background. At the moment, it’s Winter, and a lot of my outfit shots are currently dimly lit with that annoying orange tinge of the bulb light. There isn’t too much I can do right not due to the season, but at least I am on the right track with a brand new shiny mirror, and a lot more time in the day with going more full time with the blog, so I can shoot earlier than 9pm in the evening!

One of my newest outfits I wanted to post today is a lovely new white dress from Ever Pretty – a gorgeous little retailer specialsiing in my favourite thing: dresses. What I loved about browsing through this site was the array of classic cut outfits available on there – which has brought on the focus of today’s blog post. I love nothing more than a simple style – you know the type of dresses which feature a simple, understated cut and finish, yet still look breathtakingly beautiful? It’s those classic dresses which see you through season after season, and to me, nothing beats traditional fitted dresses, with clean cuts, no fuss, smart tailoring, and an overall timeless look.

When I went on my last buying trip for me own boutique, I had this thought in mind, and you can the two styles above and beyond both reflect this look. In case you are wondering, the dress is the Annabelle Dress, which launches later this week.

what emma did
what emma did black dress
classic black dress
Another retailer I spotted showcasing an array of super statement yet classic cut dresses is Esprit. I actually turned to this brand to have a little look at their classic styling because I know from working in the fashion industry that they are renowned for retailing effortless styles, with lots of authenticity to reflect an easy-going life. A number of dresses from their current collection caught my eye- and potentially because they are in lovely shades of bold red and I’m loving reds right now – which you can take a look at below. You’ll notice each dress doesn’t contain anything overly trend-led, and focuses on classic and simple styling…

esprit red dress
esprit red dress
esprit red dress
The below dress I’m sporting is the purchase I made from Ever Pretty, which in my opinion takes fashion right back to the traditional girly styling, with a little puff detail sleeves, nipped in waist and a flared out skirt. The dress reminds me of dainty china dolls, and I feel like a little princess when I try this on.

white dress
what emma did
what emma did
I hope you like this little round-up post highlighting the simple styles I’m currently raving about right now…

Beauty: Sienna Spa at The Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester


sienna spa
sienna spa manchester
As a beauty writer in Manchester, one of my favourite tasks is exploring different spa venues and treatments around the city, and sharing the ones I love with you all. The most recent one I visited the other week was at the Sienna Spa and Health Club, based at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, on Peter Street. I’m surprised that I have never been to this hotel before, from living in Manchester all my life. It’s such a beautiful hotel with a brilliant reputation all round; hotel rooms, spa facilities, afternoon tea, dining, weddings… all of them rating high amongst visitors and press. So it was time to take my beauty blogger self along to the Sienna Spa, to experience an Espa exfoliating facial and to check out the lovely spa amenities, and to just in general relax and look after myself for the afternoon…

sienna spa
sienna spa
sienna spa
The spa itself is a stunning space, with the most tranquil relaxation room dedicated to lying back and resting in peace, whilst waiting for treatments to begin. I was taken through to the relaxation area minutes before my ESPA facial, where I began my day by having a little read of a magazine and taking advantage of the complimentary herbal teas.

Following this, my therapist took me through to the treatment room, which I have to say was one of the loveliest I have ever seen. I’m quite a regular spa visitor, therefore have experience many different treatment rooms, and although I am rarely disappointed, I’m rarely blown away. A treatment room is just a treatment room- right? Well totally wrong if you take into consideration what the Sienna Spa has to offer. The room was slightly larger than the one in the above photo (it was too dimly lit for me capture a good ‘real’ shot), and it was shaped like a little cave, all lit with scented candles and moody lighting. The room was huge, with a heated bed and comforting music, which I almost fell asleep on when I snuggled down under the towels. The therapist started by giving my skin a deep cleanse, using a range of ESPA products and finishing with a Clarisonic ( I do rate Clarisonic style cleansing – I recently covered this type of facial brushing in a recent skincare post here.)

The facial I experienced was the ESPA Enzyme Facial, which includes 60 minutes of treating the skin to a powerful and highly effective natural facial peel, to dramatically smooth, soften and even out skin tone. The intense Enzyme Peel contains botanical extracts and Pumpkin Enzymes to deeply exfoliate and removes dead skin cells, and I could certainly feel it working as it leaves skin with that tingly, warming feeling. Some people may find this uncomfortable, but the therapist keeps an eye on how your skin reacts, and follows the peel up with an application of soothing Rose Quartz Crystals to help cool and calm. My skin was slightly red after the facial, but after a couple of hours, I revealed ultra smooth, glowing skin, which felt super soft, looked radiant, and a lot clearer in the days following the treatment.

After the facial, I was free to check out the rest of the spa, which meant experiencing the luxury pool, sauna and gym facilities. Although I slightly tell a lie there – I didn’t actually check out the gym. I mean, do you really do that when you are treating yourself to a relaxing day?…

The swimming pool is an impressive 12 metre deck level pool, available to both spa guests and club members. Aside the pool, I enjoyed the Nordic sauna, steam room and whirlpool bath which finished off my relaxing experience at the Sienna Spa.

I noticed on the website that you can also book in for nail treatments too, which is a nice little touch, especially if you are a hotel guest or visiting as part of a birthday or hen party group. Overall, my experience was truly lovely – the staff were friendly and welcoming despite it being very busy and on a Saturday, and my facial was potentially nearing 10/10, which is pretty impressive. This place definitely gets a good recommendation from me…

Fashion: The Ultimate Dress List with Lyst

what emma did

As most of you who read the blog will know, I’m a huge fan of dresses. So much so I constantly blog on here about why I think it’s important to have a wardrobe which holds a select number of classic and timeless dresses, which you can whip out every year when you are truly stuck what to wear for an occasion. I love dresses so much, that it’s why I set up my own boutique, purely specialising in them. The above shot is a sneak peak from behind the scenes at my latest shoot over the weekend, and as you can see, one of the styles is a real traditional ‘year-rounder’ dress. I think it’s quite nice to not always follow trends every once in a while, and just stick to real classic flattering styles that won’t date. With this in mind, I thought I’d jump in before December kicks in to highlight a bit of a dress wish list of mine, based on non-trend, classic favourites…

My wish list ‘top picks’ type gallery comes from one of my newest online inspirations: Lyst. Lyst is a fashion tech company based in London and New York, which is a website dedicated to creating a shopping experience unique to every user. The more you use the platform, the more Lyst learns about you as a customer and your shopping habits, so you start to only see things you love! In addition to making a tailored shopping experience, users can also lyst items to plan their wardrobes and create wish lists, and also be alerted when anything they lyst goes on sale or comes back in stock. Personalised shopping experiences are definitely the way forward, with busy lives and schedules making shoppers a lot more impatient, and wanting to spend time being shown exactly what they are interested in.

As I know a lot of you will be on the hunt for dresses this party season, I wanted to share with you my ‘lyst’ of some super gorgeous, quality styles. You’ll notice they are mainly designer, but this means they are well made, luxury items than plan to stay in your wardrobe for a long time…


The above dresses, in order, are Liu Jo Asymmetric Dress With Faux Leather Inserts, Mara Hoffman Embroidered Mini Dress and Paul Smith Womens Black Silk Dress with Anemone Floral Placement. They are super stunning and incorporate a touch of something different, whether it be a material, print or cut, yet won’t date season after season.

I also have on my ‘lyst’ four beautiful styles from the designer label Solace – the dresses below are all maxi styles yet have stunning cuts and finishes, making them uber stylish and fail safe for those all important occasions….

solace maxi
solace maxi
solace maxi dresses
If you know you need some dress inspiration, and want to browse a collection filled with styles tailored to your likes and personal preferences, take a look at Lyst and get building your own lysts too! You can always show them to your friends and get some honest opinions too.

After all, we all deserve to own a special dress we can be proud of, and Lyst helps you make a selection wisley with it’s extensive choice of brands…

Fashion: Day To Night Fashion with Debenhams


As someone who is relatively busy during the week, and even more so now that the Christmas season has kicked in, I have put today’s post together to cover the topic of most working girls dilemma: Desk to drinks without bringing a dramatic change of clothes. It happens to me quite a alot – I’ll be sat at my desk all day in a professional job, and then I have an invite straight from work to go for drinks, or a blogger event, or for dinner etc. This week alone I have three Christmas themed events starting at 6.30pm, which means literally leaving the office and darting off for cocktails. The last thing us girls want to do is bring a whole changing bag with us, so I’ve showcased today on off the looks I am trying out to allow me to sit through a working day at my desk, and sprucing up a little bit with accessories to take me straight to the bar afterwards!

dorothy perkins dress
debenhams dress
suede dress
Who says the Christmas party season means you have to stick with glitter and sparkle? I would rather be a little more realistic and pick a dress that I can comfortably wear in the office which still looks stylish and flattering, but with a few ‘amendments’ can make me look party-ready. I headed to Debenhams to kit me out for this mini challenge, and started by purchasing the main item, which of course is ‘the dress’. I opted for this Dorothy Perkins Suedette tan coloured dress from the petite range, mainly due to the fact that straight away I could see it was a perfect contender to be dressed up and dressed down. For the daytime office look, I also purchased a high neck black top from Miss Selfridge, a little brown handbag from Red Herring, gold drop earrings from Jon Richard and a pair of thick black tights, all at Debenhams.

The beauty of this look is that instantly you can layer up to play it down: wear the smart black top underneath the dress, team with tights and a smart handbag with some drop detail gold earrings, and it creates a pretty style, yet suitable for during the day. Come evening time, remove the black top and tights, and a slinky belt, pop on some heels (mine are a sparkly black embellished toe pair from Carvela) and you are good to go! I also do little extra things like tuck the handle of my handbag into the bag to create a clutch look, which is more adapt for evenings.

what emma did
debenhams suede dress
debenhams suede dress
I literally created this look just by shopping Debenhams Christmas Occasion Wear over on the website. If it’s an actual Christmas party with work or a more lavish event, you’ll be sure to find some absolute sparkling wonders over there.


debenhams suede dress
debenahams accessories
what emma did
The best thing about this look is that it’s not just going to last me for the party months of November and December – this look is a year rounder!