October has been an interesting month. For one, I’ve noticed the temperatures drop a considerable amount, and waking up to a pitch black sky, driving under moonlight, hasn’t been welcomed with open arms. I’ve also done a few ‘big’ things such as pay off my car finance and book a Wintery trip to Bruges, so it’s safe to say I’m fairly broke.

Anyway, on a more positive note, there have been a few lovely things I’ve discovered and come across in October that fit in perfectly with all my upcoming gift guides. From some fantastic party dresses, to the most gorgeous beauty buys, I have a few recommendations to share.

So here goes…


Metallic Dresses

I finally, finallllly have the excuse to wear shiny party dresses after wearing Summer colours and light fabrics for the past few months. I love Winter fashion, and even more so, party season fashion, and I’ve been itching to get my hands on my first few metallic dresses of 2016.

The one I’m wearing above and below is actually from my own dress boutique, my What Emma Did Boutique over at ASOS Marketplace. It’s a super shimmery gold metallic one sleeve dress, retailing at just £21, and I LOVE it. Hopefully it will be coming to a few fun evening events with me over the next two months!

Winter Skincare

For those who read the blog regularly, you’ll know I suffer from breakouts and occasional acne. It drives me nuts, and as much as I go through good phases due to using professional products and adopting a sensible cleansing regime, sometimes it just goes bonkers on me. When the Summer to Winter transition kicks in, that’s when I usually feel it the most.

This year, I’m looking at keeping my skin in check with some regular, professional acne treatments, such as the treatments offered at NURISS Skincare and Wellness Centre. I’ve been thinking about investing in a little bit of laser treatment to clear up any old acne marks, and to fight any bacteria still lurking around causing sudden breakouts. I’ll keep you posted!

Beauty Gifts

Ah ha, another pre-Christmas themed topic! I’ve started hunting around for some of the loveliest beauty sets and gift ideas for my friends this Christmas, and I’ve found a couple below which I’ve armed myself up with already…

The first set is a selection of products from the gorgeous beauty and tanning brand, Vita Liberata. I am a self-confessed lover of the Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish, which covers imperfections, smoothes skin appearance, gives a natural-looking tan that washes off and hydrates the skin for an incredible HD-ready finish. I love using it before any evening out, but I have to say I haven’t had the chance to explore the other items in the range.

This selection above are some cult classics from Vita Liberata, perfect for the girl who loves to tan as well as making sure her body is in tip top condition. They include the Self Tanning Gradual Lotion, Self Tanning Anti-Aging Serum, and the Tanning Mousse. All packaged up all classy, sophisticated and smart. LOVE.

The other beauty gift I have selected as a great up-coming Christmas gift is this fantastic Sienna X Pamper to Party Set, and a cheeky little gold packaged Christmas Cracker which contains a special little product!

Firstly, the Pamper to Party Set (£16.99) is a fantastic idea again for the girl who loves to tan. You’re probably wondering why I’m focusing so much on tanning gifts, but this is the time of year when we are all realising just how pale and pasty we’re becoming, and a luxury set of professional tanning products actually go down a treat more in Winter than in Summer (especially the instant tans!).

The gift set features the following products, all perfect prepared to make the pamper to party transition super easy:

– Polishing Body Scrub 75ml: A creamy lightweight lemongrass and ginger scrub with shea butter and cocoa butter.

– Radiance Body Balm 75ml: A perfectly balanced moisturising butter cream, containing luxurious natural ingredients to help prolong and enhance a sunless tan.

– Deep Self Tan Lotion 75ml: If you’re looking for a deep but natural-looking holiday glow, then you’ll love our Deep Self Tan Lotion.

– Luxury Tanning Mitt: Designed for extra comfort, the mitt’s super soft velvet surface makes for seamless application of our tanning products.


Sienna X also have this fantastic Winter Hit Cracker Gift – the best stocking filler for your sister, BFF or secret santa. Packed with a surprise product (Sienna X’s most talked about new express self tan), this cracked retails at £7 and includes a pair of Latex Free Gloves for application too.

Such a sweet touch to your Christmas gift shopping…

Last but not least is this hero product gift set from H20 Beauty. The Beauty Must Have Mini Favourites Set contains the following beauty editors most loved products:

Elements Keep it Fresh Face Cleanser (Normal to Dry Skin) 60ml
Oasis Hydrating Treatment* 10ml
Infinity+ Renewing Youth Serum* 7.5ml
Waterbright Color Correcting Mask 10ml
Sea Salt Body Wash 60ml
Specialty Care Hand and Nail Cream 60ml

This brand in huge news in the US, which is why I’m linking out to as one of the retailers. For the lady who really cares about her skin and wants to update her skincare regime, this gift set is one of my ultimate favourites.

Don’t forget to keep checking back for more gift ideas!

We all know that one lady who loves her luxury. Whether she can’t be spotted without her Marc Jacobs bag in tow, or detests staying in anywhere else but 5 star hotels, she’s a premium princess. So how do you shop affordable gifts for someone like this?

Well, for one, you don’t need piles of pounds to get a special gift that sits under £100, but has the wow factor. To make it abit easier for you. I’ve painstakingly searched out the very best gift ideas for women who love luxe, and won’t settle for anything less than ‘special’. These pretty little items will surprise and delight even the most discerning lady, whether it appears in her stocking, or wrapped neatly under the tree.

So here’s my guide to the best gifts for women who have everything, including many affordable gifts, as well as some treats that are a bit more luxurious…

Premium Make-up

Impress the girl who has everything with some stunning make-up, in particularly make-up that is packaged just as pretty as the products . My favourite recommendation of the moment is from Stila, who have indulged in some gorgeous gold ombre packaging to present matte gold cased products. The number one item from Stila that will wow just about anybody has to be the Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palette.

Not only does it look super special, but when you open up the gold casing and take in the 7 smoldering shades which compliment any complexion, you know this palette is a keeper. It literally presents all you need for the perfect contour and blush, as well as chic, easy-to-use shimmer and matte eye colors for day to evening looks.

It is so ridiculously lovely that I would love to gift it to every girly I know, because it’s just that special. For some handy hints on which tone selection to pick, you can check out the Stila website here for more inspiration.

At £28 for the palette, it’s the perfect make-up gift, and why not throw in an eyebrow pencil or lip liner to?

Luxury Fragrance

Lets face it, we’d all love to gift someone Chanel No. 5, but at £68 for just 50 ml, it would leave us with little spare! There are so many more other fragrances out there that look super pretty and gorgeous on that dressing room table, including one of my all time favourites, Givenchy Hot Couture. It’s such an old-school parfum that was big when I was back at University, a whole 10 years ago. It was known as being classy, grown-up and sophisticated, and to this day it’s my go-to favourite. It’s tall, delicate bottle and minimal design makes it look elegant for the luxury lover.

For a more ‘pretty’ and ‘cool’ vibe, my next recommendation includes the classic, all-round favourites from DKNY. Whether your friends/family/colleagues are hot on designer brands or seeking the undiscovered, these sphere shaped shiny silver lid parfums are just divine.

I have a new favourite – the DKNY Fresh Blossom Eau De Parfum which comes in the pastel pink glass bottle. It’s a light-hearted, intensely feminine scent, part of the popular DKNY Be Delicious collection. Fresh Blossom is a scent blends sparkling grapefruit, cassis and sun-kissed apricot with blooming floral hearts of sheer muguet and petally rose, wrapped in luminous jasmine. Keeping with the iconic Be Delicious theme, it also features the crisp apple sensation.

With fragrant notes of Grapefruit, Cassis, Apricot, Muguet, Rose, Jasmine, Apple, Blond Woods and Smooth Skin Accord, it’s ideal for that super girly girl.

The green bottle of ‘Be Delicious’ is a little more fresher, and is the perfect scent for those daytime spritzes. Whichever one you feel like gifting, you’ll be parting with around £48 for 50ml, which makes so much more sense than the over popular and over priced Chanel numbers!

Home Decor

There’s nothing more lovely and thoughtful than receiving home wear gifts. Sometimes they can be seen as a bit daring, I mean, how do you know what someone likes to have in their home? How do you know what scents they like to capture, or what colour scheme to stick to? Home decor sure is personal, but there are a number of gifts that you just can;t go wrong with. Candles and diffusers are by far the most successful home gifts, and I’m yet to come across any ladies who wouldn’t appreciate these.

If the lady you are gifting is quite particular and likes luxury home items, those which decorate and add a touch of premium to the home, then diffusers are your saviors. You can get them in stunning glass display bottles which resemble exquisite perfumes, and generally act as a work of art.


My latest favourite is the range from Culti, available at luxury living retailer Rooi. Their range of reed room diffusers are so appealing to the eye and come in a range of drop dead gorgeous scents. The one I’m showcasing above and below is the Culti DecorMareminerale Reed Room Diffuser, which comes in this dark and moody square shape glass bottle. This scent lets you capture all the stimulating and oxygenating energy of the sea, diving headlong into the foam of its waves. Breathe, bathe, collect shells and driftwood as you stroll leisurely along the shore.

The uplifting scent of fresh Sea Chord, Sap and Mineral Musk really is the ultimate well-being touch any ladies home needs! I find these make lovely additions to bathrooms, bedrooms or living rooms, so chose a scent you feel matches the needs of the gift receiver!

Pampering Body Products

Last but not least, lots of ladies don’t like to buy themselves body pampering products because lets face it – they make much better gifts. It’s like fragrance, who wants to buy their own? The latest beauty products I’ve been trying out on myself are from Exuviance, a brand dedicated to creating dermatologist developed skincare. Their Bionic Body Polishing Masque is absolutely divine, by far one of the best all over exfoliators and skin smoothers I’ve had. It Like an indulgent spa treatment, the new Bionic Body Polishing Masque from Exuviance promises to buff, smooth and soften rough skin from top to toe.

Their Retexturising Treatment is also rather special, as its an intense resurfacing body lotion ideal for smoothing bumpy skin on the arms and legs. It works with it’s blend of 5% Glycolic Acid and 5% Gluconolactone/Lactobionic Acid, gently exfoliating to remove dead skin cells. These two products used together have honestly gave me the silkiest skin yet.

When thinking about gifting premium body pampering products, think of those approved by dermatologists. These type of brands use a combination of science backed research and natural ingredients to give a real high quality result.

Keep your eyes peeled for more handy gift guides popping up around October, November and December. Nothing beats being early….

With just a couple of weeks left in October, I’ve decided it’s my last chance to wear any bold, bright colours whilst I can still get away with it. My A/W transition is going to involve cramming those wardrobes with deep plums, rich navys and warm browns, and I’ll be sadly packing away any ‘hot’ palettes…

For my , I actually got a little head of myself and started looking at some fun, funky coloured dresses to launch for my Spring 2017 collection. So whilst we have the rest of October still with us, I’m making the most out of wearing these fresh colours below. I do wish I could wear magenta pink everyday!

So for one last time, I’m sporting an array of colour for any parties, get-togethers, meetings or whatever else is getting thrown upon me throughout October, just whilst I can. I’m super saddened to be saying goodbye to Summer, but I’m holding on to the start of Spring 2017 when I can whip out these beautiful dresses above and below, and start promoting them at my Boutique!

The transition from Summer to Winter doesn’t have to be a negative one though, and I’m trying my hardest to come up with some exciting things to sink my teeth into this year.

If you need a bit of pre-Winter perking up, take a look at some of my own goals and aims to see if you can get some Wintery inspiration too!

1. Indulge in new TV series and new books

There is no time like the colder months to start getting stuck into those Netflix TV series everyone goes on about. I for one am ridiculously behind with TV due to being so busy with work, but I’m hoping to reign in the events and after work meetings I attend, and switch them up for cosy nights on the couch. I’ve just started watching Stranger Things, and as soon as this finishes, I’ll be looking for my next one!

I’m also using the ‘staying in’ period to catch up on reading. I love reading with a passion, and I’ve just bought The Girl on the Train. I find reading a real hard past time to try squeeze in, but I’m really trying hard this Winter!


2. Take up knitting

As most of you know, I’m really into fashion and have my own dress boutique which keeps me busy. However, sewing and knitting is what I would call a real art form, creativity at its finest, and a lovely hobby to have if you are interested in fashion. Knitting is much more suitable for the Wintery months, therefore if I could learn how to knit just a couple of items, like hats, scarfs or shawls (lets start of small!), I’d be so pleased with myself.

I’ve come across Deramores Knitting Patterns online which has gave me a boost of inspiration, so i’ll be sure to let you know how I get on with this new found hobby!

3. Bake some winter warmers

As a girl with limited free time, I made a huge deal last month when I indulged in banana bread baking and various other healthy treats. Now that the darker nights are drawing in, it’s time for me to start learning how to make some delicious, nutrient packed homemade soups and casseroles. I’m thinking sweet potatoes, leeks, butternut squash and roasted vegetable type soups… MMMM!

I’m super excited today to introduce you to a stunning new party dress that has just landed at my What Emma Did Boutique! This pretty purple sequin dress is a glittering floral bodycon with a rich deep purple and black floral sequin design. Just in time for the run up to Christmas and the season of occasions, this new number has flattering contrasting panels on the neckline and waist for the comfiest fit.

I like to ensure all the dresses I retail at my boutique are of a high quality, so this one is fully lined with a metal zip fasting at the back. Also comes with adjustable straps for the perfect fit!

In terms of length (as we all know I’m a short gal at 5ft3!) the approximate length is 85 cm. Phew! Think that’s all the details for now…

This show-stopping party dress has just landed at my ASOS Marketplace Boutique, and retails at an amazing £27!

Much more to come so keep an eye out!

Now that October is in full swing, I’ve been updating my wardrobes  a little to make way for some shiny new clothes. Luckily for me, I love all the shades of dark: black, navy, brown, maroon… so I’m halfway there anyway with a rich Autumnal wardrobe.

Those of you who know me will know I love nothing more than dresses. I live and breathe them, and would easily wear one everyday if I had enough to get me through, week after week. So you’ll not be surprised to hear I’ve added two new dresses to my clothing collection, which I’m currently overly happy with!

Lets start with the first…

This deep Red Tied Waist Kimono Sleeve Drape Dress, from Closet London, is my ultimate fave. I find batwing sleeve and kimono style details to be really flattering for any body shape. I’m fairly petite but this style doesn’t drown me – it just accentuates my small features without looking too ‘over-sized’. I also feel a batwing sleeve kimono style outfit flatters larger body shapes, as it sits stylishly on the arms without clinging, but also without looking like a baggy fit.

Paired with metallic open toe heels, this dress is the perfect outfit for upcoming Christmas parties or evening occasions. I could also team it with a pair of chunky ankle boots and tights, and wear it for work during the day. That’s what I love about a good dress; how versatile they can be.

For £55, it’s a wardrobe staple for me!

Outfit number two is thanks to one of my all-time favourites: And not just because they are based in Manchester, but I do admit I love a great local company.

I turn to boohoo constantly due to their on-trend fast fashion items which are always priced affordably, especially when it comes to dresses. On this occasion, I opted for a dress that again is versatile, as I can wear it with bare legs and heels for a party, or layer it up with a cute casual op underneath, and dress it down.

Here, I layered up a frill sleeve white bodycon top with this frill detail fitted dress. I’ve also teamed it up with a fantastic mocha colour belted shawl coat and open toe block heels in a faux-suede material. Excuse the bare legs, but that aside, I’m Autumn-evening ready!

Much more outfit inspiration and new boutique dresses over at my own shop coming soon, so do be sure to check back…