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Lifestyle: Flourless Protein Pancakes

2014 September 14
by What Emma Did

Happy Sunday all! (or Monday if you are reading this in your inbox!). Just a little post this morning to show you a little simple recipe for protein pancakes which are completely flourless. If you ever feel like you indulge in too many carbs or wheat (which I am a total culprit for) then this may be a little help if you crave a sweet, carb fueled snack. There’s no added sugar and only two ingredients – just grab a large banana and two eggs!


This easy recipe takes as little as 10 minutes to prepare and make, and is ideal if you get those sugar cravings from time to time. The only sugar your getting is the natural sugar from the banana. So here’s what to do…

1. Chop up banana into as small pieces as possible. Add two eggs into the same bowl as chopped banana. Here’s the fun bit – mash to your hearts content. Keep mashing and mashing and mashing… or ideally whisk. Or blend. Whichever you fancy…


2. You know you have the right consistency of pancake mix when you spoon it up and it falls quite smoothly and frothy. A few banana lumps are fine, just make sure its not too lumpy. But if it is not to worry – it still works.

3. Heat your non stick pan (or lightly grease a pan if you don’t have non stick). Spoon up little portions of pancake mix and let ‘fry’ for 30 seconds. Using a utensil, flip the pancake over and let heat for another 30 seconds on the other side. And voila! The pancakes have a texture and taste the same as the inside of french toast – slightly gooey, but firm enough, mega sweet (but naturally) and in general, just taste like yummy pancakes!


4. Spread with a healthy 100% peanut butter or almond butter (I use natural almond butter) or if your feeling naughty, use nutella or syrup. As you are only using eggs and banana, these are packed with protein which is essential for skin, hair and nail growth, so this is what I like to call a little ‘beauty snack!’

Note: I tend to add a tiny teaspoon of baking powder, just to add that bit of ‘fluffy-ness’ – completely up to you- doesn’t make a big difference.

So those who know me will probably giggle at the picture below – presentation with food is not my strongest point, so my pancakes don’t look like nice, neat, circular, fluffy light pancakes! However they taste amazing and are cooked properly, but producing ‘beautiful looking food’ is just not Emma-ish. I’ve made plenty of cakes with cone type tops, and scones that look a bit ‘blown up’ – but hey it’s fine I’m no ones wife just yet, I’ll work on that skill when I am! I put almond butter on mine with a mug of green tea and there you – a nice, healthy, wheat free, sugar free lunch…


Lifestyle: Keeping Fit From 21

2014 September 13
by What Emma Did

I was recently made aware of a topic up for discussion by a brand that I found quite interesting – ‘What advice would you give to your younger self?’. Well, at 28, some may argue I’m still young and shouldn’t have to advise my younger self on anything. Some may say whilst your in your twenties, they are your wild years. They should be stress-free, care-free, and hassle-free. I find that quite difficult to comprehend as your twenties can be the hardest – battling decisions about jobs, careers, travels, money, education… as well as being in that celebrity obsessed age group and constant media pressure, as well as pressure from friends. But, I do agree that your twenties are for trialing everything and everything, do whatever you wish to do. Be wild. Be careless. Make as many mistakes as you wish. Try things you know might be risky. If your lucky enough to make it into your thirties, you have that whole era to correct anything and settle. Just my view, but I feel it should be one everyone takes on too – life is way too short.

emma campbell

Aim for a healthy body!

Anyway, enough of the deep conversation – a discussion by legal brand Legal & General asked me to advise my younger self about an area in life I feel I can advise of now. I still think the above is true, however, one large bit of telling off I would do to the younger Em is ‘Stop eating and drinking crap and get to the gym, look after your body and focus on your health!’

I am naturally a slim build, but years of abusing this fact with university drinking, never going to the gym, eating Domino’s every Friday and piling fatty cheese on everything makes me look back at photos of myself and think “why did you not look after yourself?”. It doesn’t matter if you are naturally slim – working out and going to the gym doesn’t just help with weight loss, it tones your body, shapes you up, releases feel good hormones, improves your mood, improves your life span, creates healthy internal organs, promotes glowing skin… need I say more?


I think back to my younger eating and drinking habits and serious lack of any physical tasks and I cringe for myself. Your body is your life, it is you – never abuse it. Even if you dislike running or tiring sports, power walk for 20 minutes a couple of times a week at the gym (or not even at the gym). Have a week every now and again where you cut out sugar and fats. Look at alternative healthy food and replace your carbs every now and again.

When I work out regularly and eat healthy, I maintain a nice weight, my body is toned, my skin clears up and I genuinely look a picture of health. I look back at my early twenties and I don’t see one picture when I look like that, and I never remember feeling it either!

So I guess this leads to an open question for all you blog readers too… what advise would you give your younger self?

Fashion: Shop Direct launches luxury site

2014 September 12
by What Emma Did

Sarah curran very exclusiveHappy Friday everyone! Here is a fashion business story I wanted to share with you today that has just broke, which sounds really exciting! Retail group Shop Direct- home to and Littlewoods to name a few- has announced plans to launch a standalone etail brand which will offer edited collections and products from accessible, high street luxury fashion and beauty brands. I have visited the Liverpool based head office a number of times before due to working in the fashion industry and have always been impressed with their brand portfolios and how they strive to grow. Recent collaborations have seen them partner with Mark Wright and Myleene Klass which you may be aware of. will launch during London Fashion Week in February 2015 and will focus on women’s clothing, footwear, accessories and beauty. The accessible luxury arm of Very Exclusive will offer diffusion and second lines from designer brands, including the likes of Marc by Marc Jacobs, McQ, Red Valentino, Carven, Kenzo, See by Chloe, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and J Brand Jeans, so it’s great to see Shop Direct take that step into the high end fashion world.

The high street luxury division will focus on premium high street brands and the ‘luxe’ collections of high street retailers, such as Reiss. As for the beauty offer, this will see some of my favourite  brands such as Stila, T3, Bliss, Elemis and Laura Mercier.  So who will this be aimed at? Very Exclusive will target the 26 to 35 year old shopper, which is possibly why it excites me so much, seeing as I am their ideal shopper!


Led by founder of Sarah Curran, a number of high profile team appointments have been made to bolster the team behind Very Exclusive. The brand’s fashion buying is headed up by Vikki Kavanagh, who joined earlier in the summer from Harvey Nichols, bringing in her designer background. Leading the beauty team in a consultancy capacity is Clare Morgan, who was formerly head of beauty at Harrods. With a wealth of experience at Shop Direct, Hugh Longland is overseeing strategic brand partnerships and marketing for Very Exclusive. Heading up content development for the site will be Emily London, who is set to join as editor-in-chief from her role as London editor of American style website, Refinery29. Style blogger, Simon Glazin, joins the team as social editor. Looking after PR and communications for the brand in a consultancy role is Lauren Stevenson, who was most recently head of PR and communications at Harrods.

Sarah is also actively recruiting for a number of further roles across buying, trading and creative, which is an exciting opportunity for fashion industry creatives out there. Once complete, the satellite team for Very Exclusive will be based in Shop Direct’s offices on Pollen Street, London, and supported by the wider capability in its head office in Liverpool.

I eagerly await London Fashion Week 2015 for an extra reason now!

Lifestyle: Moose Coffee Manchester

2014 September 11
by What Emma Did

Since arriving back into Manchester from my trip to Australia, I noticed a growing trend on Instagram. Not a fashion one this time – but more of a food one! American style breakfasts involving sugar coated waffles, thick french toast and stacks of sweet pancakes. So where is this amazing place? Moose Coffee in Manchester!

Situated at number 20, York Street, I had to queue up for half an hour on my first visit on a Sunday morning, as that’s how popular it gets at weekends. But let me tell you – it was worth the wait!

moose coffee

I combined sweet and savoury by opting for the stack of 3 pancakes with streaky, crispy bacon and maple syrup. It was possibly the most enjoyable breakfast I have had in a long time. It’s very filling, but I don’t have a tendancy to ever feel full so I could just keep on going and going! My sister had the same as me, and my other friend had a sweeter version where the bacon was replaced with peanut butter and chocolate sauce. To die for!! May I also add the coffee’s were lovely, big mugs of frothy cappuccino’s…

Moose coffee
Amongst the menu was lots of unhealthy, American style treats, yet there is also an extensive list of healthy options too, such as Eggs Benedict and scrambled egg meals, and also a range of sandwiches. However, to get the best Moose Coffee experience, I would recommend the pancakes, french toast or waffles anyday! Why not add an enormous flavoured milkshake to your order as well just to ensure you have a true fatty American style food portion? (Note: It’s actually a Canadian style diner, however I felt very much at American home…)


Travel: A Travellers Guide To Bali

2014 September 11
by What Emma Did

I had the sad realisation today that I have been back in England for just under two months…where on Earth has the time gone? This time two months ago I was relaxing in Bali, preparing for a trip to Singapore before leaving to persue the British life again. After 8 months in Australia, and a little stint of travelling, I’m fully settled back into Britain, with my new job, apartment and car, left with millions of magnificent memories of life down under!

I struggled immensely with wifi and laptop access whilst travelling, so I have put together a little guide to Bali, two months too late! If you ever get the chance to go, then I recommend you go. It was the first time I had travelled anywhere on my own and it was an eye opening experience for me, such a different way of life…

Top 5 Things To Do In Bali- Seminyak

1. Stay in Seminyak Close To The Beach
It completely depends what your situation is when you are visiting Bali. For me, I was leaving Australia and travelling back to England completely alone, and it was the first time I had travelling on my own before. I’m 28, and had been told to stay away from Kuta unless I wanted a rough-around-the-edges Malia style trip, which I didn’t, so the ideal location for me was to go to Seminyak.

Seminyak is beautiful, although as it is filled with locals, it reflects the poor lifestyle the Balinese have. The roads are filled with motorbikes and taxis constantly beeping, and the pavements and roads are poorly looked after, so bare this in mind if you are going as a family with elderley or children. However, if you step away from the roads and head towards the beach lined front, you will find a stunning beach with 5 star hotels and beach clubs all surrounding the sea. You still get the locals begging on the beach, but it’s the same as what you would experience in any Asian country, and the way they try to sell is just them making a living.


Seminyak is not only filled with bars, restaurantes and coffee shops, but it is also home to a Seminyak Square which is a fantastic market, great for grabbing bargains. The square them leads to rows and rows of unique, quirky fashion and interior shops. Who knew Seminyak was a shoppers paradise?

2. Visit Ku De Tah and Potatoe Head Beach Clubs
If, like myself, you weren’t lucky enough to stay in one of the 5 star hotels at the beach, then don’t worry, you can still send the day at the Beach Clubs and use all the facilities as if it’s infront of your own hotel! Potatoe Head and Ku De Tah are by far the nicest one’s I have visited, with comfy double bed style sun loungers, round the clock waiter service, swimming pools, bars and palm trees, giving you the most luxury experience. Potatoe Head is the most ‘special’, however a $50 minimum spend is required if you wish to take use of the sun lounger beds. This is definitley worth it if you are going to spend the whole day there, as the pool is amazing, the food and drinks are devine, and you are in the best position for the sunset. Ku De Tah is also very good and there is no minimum spend, so it just depends on your budget. You must visit these!



3. Sip local coffee at Revolver
Not much else to be said about this other than to hunt down the two Revolver coffee shops in Seminyak for the ‘cutest’ coffee experience. Known to be the best coffee in the area, the staff are friendly and prices are reasonable, along with tasty home made snacks. I regularly came here for their fantastic soya lattes.


4. Watch the sunset at Seminyak Beach
It’s so lovely to see all the local Balinese families all gather together for the sunset. Doesn’t matter what day it is, whether it be during the week or weekend, they all head down with their Bintang beer and buy ice creams from the beach sellers and watch the breath-taking sunset. Seminyak is known to have the best spots for watching this. The Balinese are incredibly family orientated and it is so nice to watch them all take time out to have family time on the beach.

5. Take a trip to Ubud
There is so much to do outside of Seminyak, and I only had time to see Kuta and Ubud. However if I was to recommend, I would venture to Ubud into the land of quaint cafes, yoga, spa hotels and the monkey forest! It’s a pretty little part of Bali, with streets lined with spa hotels where looking after your well-being is key to them. The monkey forest is one of the main attractions to Ubud and one of the most fun – you can feed the wild monkeys bananas and let them climb all over you! But be warned, I rested my bag on the floor for one second to have a cheeky monkey come and run into my bag trying to take my iPhone. Apparently this is really common, so beware!

Enjoy your trip and feel free to email me for any advice!

Beauty: Balance Me Event with Marie Claire and Debenhams

2014 September 10
by What Emma Did

One of my favourite beauty brands, known for it’s innovative, naturally-active ingredients, is launching an event which sounds worthy of a visit! Balance Me – who are popular for using hi-tec natural formulations- have teamed up with Marie Claire and Debenhams to hold four in-store events this September and October. Tickets will be £10, and there is a lovely 15% off Balance Me on the night should you wish to purchase any of the products.

You also get the chance to take home a goodie bag packed with beauty goodies from the brand, worth £75. I have been using this brand for a while now, and adore the range of facial products that use essential oils to delivery natural results. They all smell like aromatherapy products too – bonus!

For more about the event, take a look here, and view below for dates and locations

30th September – Oxford Street

2nd October – Cardiff

8th October – Chester

9th October – Leeds

balance me

Beauty: Cassie Lomas and B.Make Up Masterclass

2014 September 10
by What Emma Did

Recently, I attended a beauty masterclass at Superdrug in Manchester Arndale that I was truly I was honored to be invited to. The event was ran by celebrity make-up artist Cassie Lomas, who I have heard lots about over the years, which was one of the reasons I was delighted to be on the invite list.


Gathered together with other beauty bloggers and local press, we all sat around a large table and watched as Cassie used a range of make up from the Superdrug brand B. Make Up to create a series of looks. Myself and the other guests all carried the looks out on ourselves, playing around with some make-up looks I would never usually have considered, such as green eyeshadow! The results were surprisingly nice to say a lot of the colours were shades I would never usually experiment with.



For those who don’t know, I am already a trained make-up artists, but for the rest of the beauty bloggers gathered at the event it was a really insightful evening for them to pick up expert tips and tricks. Aimed around contouring, nose slimming and highlighting (as lets face it, we all want to change some things about our faces! ) everyone left armed full of useful tips.

Using a range of products from the B. Make up range, such as BB cream, eyebrow kit, shading and highlighting palette, lipstick etc… it gave me the chance to trial the make-up range as I wasn’t too familiar with the brand before. I was especially happy with the lipstick – I’m usually a red or pink girl- however I was given a creamy peach shade called ‘Breeze’, which suited me really well! I would never have thought to try it, and it also has a lovely, creamy finish with a slick of shine.


The prices are really reasonable, so if you haven’t checked the range out yet, have a look next time you are in Superdrug! Thank you very much to Cassie, the B.Make Up team and the Superdrug team!

Fashion: Primark SS14 For Budgeting

2014 August 23
by What Emma Did

Apologies for the huge delay in posting, but I have just moved into a new apartment in Manchester city centre, meaning I had no access to internet for two whole weeks. Those who know the in’s and out’s of wordpress will understand it’s very difficult to blog via an iPhone, sp it unfortunately meant I just had to leave the website very quiet for a couple of weeks!

Anyway, I’m back as from today with a new laptop and a speedy internet connection. So just a little catch up email about a topic I’m having to focus on right now, which is…

Budget Shopping
So the new apartment, new car and 6 weeks off work before starting my new job has left me very very poor. However, poor or not poor, I still need to shop. So all hail Primark and it’s cheapness. See below two different outfits for my new job purchased from the purse friendly store.


How lovely is the bag, for just £8? It’s such a good size for both work and going out in the evenings. It’s also uber smart and stylish, made from strong materials and has cute gold finishings. Also, the grey top in the first image was £7 and they currently stock a range of colours. It may look pretty ‘plain’ – but it’s one of those staple wardrobe classics that can be paired with skinny jeans, a mini skirt or cute little shorts.

Thank you Primark and the remains of your SS14 range for providing fast fashion this week!

Beauty: Perfect Pink Lips Review

2014 August 3
by What Emma Did

So my latest post was about my top two eyebrow pencils to create easy, shaped brows. I chose a contrast of two – a budget, high street retailer brand Rimmel, and MAC, a more prestigious department store brand at a more premium retail price. In today’s post, I wanted to review two products which work fantastically together to create the perfect summer pink lips! Nothing looks more girly and feminine than glossy popping pink lips, so I have fused together the lovely Candy Yum-Yum matte lipstick shade from MAC (£15.50) and the Glitter and Ice Lipglass (£14.50), also from MAC!

The Candy Yum-Yum shade glides on really nice and leaves a subtle sweet pink shade on the lips, along with a matte finish. What I love about MAC lipsticks is that they stay put and there is no shifting them once they are on, no matter how often you may lick your lips or drink from glasses! I must own approx 200 lipsticks, and some of them sit in the creases and start fading off within an hour. This particular one from MAC does not! If you want to opt for a shimmery, glossy pout but still using the matte MAC lipstick, then this is where the Glitter and Ice gloss comes in handy. Just one application of this coats lips fully and adds a gorgeous shiny sheen. It does feel slightly thick, but once lips are rubbed together, the sticky feeling fades and you are left with lustrous sheeny lips!

I went out into Manchester last night and coated my lips with both these MAC shades and it really completed my make up look. The perfect girly pout!

Image-1 (2)


Beauty: The Eyebrow Pencil

2014 August 1
by What Emma Did

If you have been clued up into the beauty industry and latest trends for the past year, you’ll know that brows are back, and the eyebrow grooming business is booming! Its a little bit rubbish for those unfortunate to have over plucked or naturally thin, pale eyebrows, as big, bushy dark shaded eyebrows are now ‘the latest’. This is amazing news for me – I am one of those who had to over pluck for years as I am naturally fair haired however seem to have dark eyebrows that could be a lot bigger if I let them grow! However, my over plucking never stopped them growing, so I’ve been able to embrace the trend and let mine be more natural again!

For those not so lucky, this is where eyebrow pencils come in to shape and fill in the gaps. Not only do perfectly groomed, thicker eyebrows stand out more, they also frame your face and can ‘lift’ your face slightly and create a neater look. They can also make blue or pale green eyes stand out more as the dark brown shade contrasts with the pale. If I am to recommend the ultimate eyebrow pencil, I have one very favourite that I swear by, and this is Lingering Eyebrow Pencil by MAC, costing £13.50.


However, this is not a cheap option, and if you are shaping and colouring your brows everyday, you will go through this pencil fairly quickly. So whilst I was travelling Australia, I found a cheaper option which I would rate as my number two essential, and this is the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown. It even comes complete with an eyebrow comb on its lid, so hats off to Rimmel as the MAC option doesn’t come with this. And such a steal at £2.99!


So now I treat you to a picture of my face (not usually a fan of posting myself on the blog!) using the Rimmel pencil, only filling in the inner corners of my eyebrows as mine don’t need shading or much shaping, but it’s just to demonstrate the softness and how it blends in with your natural brow colour. The pencil is really easy to use, and due to it being so soft and blendable, a small smudge goes a long way!

emma campbell

For £2.99 this is an absolute beauty steal and it works just as well as my fave MAC option. So if your on a beauty budget, why not check this pencil out? An eyebrow pencil is an essential for your beauty bag for 2014 and 2015, so you may as well invest in a decent recommendation!