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This month, I’ve been experimenting with a couple of new make-up items in which I wanted to share with you. I’ve been a little ‘daring’ because I’ve switched up three key items I use on the regular with some updated products, so it’s safe to say I’ve been trying something a little new.

I’ve been using bareMinerals Mineral Veil powder for a long long time. I’d go as far as to say I’ve probably been using it for the best part of 5 years. But now, after struggling to get my hands on it, I’ve switched up to a new face powder: bareMinerals Perfecting Veil in Shade Medium. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, switching from one bareMinerals powder to another, but trust me, for me it’s huge. The Mineral Veil was one of the beauty industries most shine-stopping, mattifying face powders, where as the Perfecting Veil works to beautify the skin and set foundation professionally. I’ve also been switching up my delicious chocolate scented KIKO bronzer for Bagsy’s Ray of Sunshine Bronzer, and my trusty HD Brows Brow Palette for Shavata’s Brow Perfecting Palette.

Shavata Brow Perfecting Palette (£21)

This lovely little palette features 3 crème shades that glide on like a powder, and cover the hairs as well as the skin underneath the brows. The creme shades are easy to blend, making it achievable to develop the shade most suitable to yourself. For me, I have naturally dark brows, verging on black, but just a touch lighter. I’ve been brushing my brows with a brow brush, and then dipping the little angled brush into the dark brown creme and filling in the gaps, followed by shaping up the beginning part of my brows. I have to say I find creme a little trickier in terms of it’s more dense and deep when applying, where as powder is light and feathery, which is easy to layer up.

What I will say though is that the colour is more intense and it lasts so much longer, with a smooth texture ideal for filling in sparse brows or for helping camouflage tell-tale grey hairs. The final result looks natural, and I prefer to finish off with a touch of the black shade just dragged a little through the arch and bushiest part of my brows.

A cute, handy little brow palette that I’m overall impressed with. Nothing beats having more than one shade to hand to blend together for the perfect colour match.

Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Perfect Glow Bronzing Powder £18.00

Firstly – you can’t beat the packaging and design of this super cool bronzer compact complete with it’s own quote ‘engraving’. The ‘Sunshine is my favourite accessory’ is the sweetest, most uplifting message I’ve seen on a make-up product, making it really unique and also a great gift option. I usually use KIKO’s bronzer which comes in a quirky wooden box and has a scent of chocolate (I know, dangerous!) and I thought it was a pretty hard product to beat. However, this Perfect Glow Bronzing Powder is a lovely change – I use it to give my face a little ‘once over’ lightly once all my make-up is applied, and also to go over my contour a little. This bronzer in particular is packed with that subtle glow, like a tiny bit of highlighter which adds a fresh look to my skin. It’s super natural too, and it takes quite a while to build up the colour (in my opinion), so it’s great for both day and night use.

It’s much more ‘glowy’ than any other bronzers I’ve had before. I’ve used a couple which seem a bit too shimmery when they state they offer a glow, but this one is spot on! Love love love…



bareMinerals Perfecting Veil £22.50

So I purchased this because I couldn’t get my hands on the original Mineral Veil anymore (I think it may be discontinued?) so it wasn’t really a purchase inspired from being experimental. I was slightly worried it wouldn’t provide as much mattifying power as the original, and that 1 pm shine might start to come through. So far, so good, although I will say it doesn’t completely absorb as much shine, oil and general skin reflection as the original. However, it seems to add a touch more tint to my face, as if my skin looks a little more warmer, fresher and healthier. Maybe it’s texture actually suits my skin more? I guess I just have to get used to not be completely matte anymore, and once I’ve got my head around that, I think I’ll genuinely love this face powder. No cakiness in sight, and almost impossible to go all product-overload with it.

Bobbi Brown Sunset Pink Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow £28

The final product I’ve been testing this month is a product area I don’t usually divulge into very often, and that is cream eyeshadow. Bobbi Brown – one of my favourite make-up brands – have launched a stunning ‘Sunset Pink’ make-up collection, which features a range of gorgeous, glowy highlighters and limited edition shimmery tube tints, just to name a few. The cream eyeshadows come in sweet little pots which look premium and luxe on first glance (which is always a plus!). The dinky pots are cram packed with shimmery cream eye shadow that Bobbi Brown says ‘stays on, stays true and doesn’t crease’. I have to say that even on first application, it’s creamy, blendable formula goes on comfortably with such a soft, velvety finish. They aim to last for up to 12 hours of water, sweat, humidity and are transfer-resistant wear.

I’ve been prepping my eyelids with foundation and powder first, and then using my finger to smudge on these metallic shades of Velvet Plum and Stone Pink. Up to now, they seem to last me right through my working day, but I’ll report back on the water and sweat when I try them out on holiday!

The nicest thing here is that I usually dismiss pink and purple base colours when it comes to my eyes, but because these have undertones of bronze, plums and beige’s, the pinks show up slightly muted and are glossed over with a touch of shimmer, making any eye colour pop. Plus, they are so easy to apply! Now I just need to try out the highlighters…

makeup b
And here I am, photobombed by the Olympics (what better?) with my brows filled in with Shavata, glow provided by Bagsy, sheer powder from bareMinerals and eyes illuminated by Bobbi Brown cream shadows.

Pretty impressed overall!

There are two things I really love in life when it comes to fashion: anything grey, and loungewear. So combine them both together and I’m pretty much pleased.

I was recently made aware of a clothing brand called Wool Overs, a cashmere, silk, cotton and wool knitwear retailer. It’s a high quality brand, in which only the finest knitwear materials are used to create comfy, stylish and soft to touch garments. For me, I’m currently sporting the loveliest lounge wear from Wool Lovers, and when I tell you I never want to take it the ultra comfy jogging bottoms and top when I wear them, I’m not exaggerating.

The two items I have from Wool Overs are simple to look at, yet completely statement for me. I rarely combine grey together, but for some reason, this grey and white Breton Stripe top actually sits really well with slouchy bottom in the same grey shade. This Breton Stripe top has fast become my go-to for when I get in from work, and just want to snuggle up on my sofa and chill out for the evening. It’s a timeless classic, a style that will never date, with contrast tipping on the inside which is knitted in an extra fine gauge silk and cotton. The jumper is styled to a relaxed fit, with little side slits and a slightly longer back. It’s lovely and soft, as well as flattering to my figure and gives a contemporary feel.

The matching cashmere cotton sweat pants make up the perfect outfit for my after-work chilling out hours, and I sure feel all ready for those cosy winter nights that will be creeping in.

If it’s luxury loungewear your after now Autumn isn’t too far away, then I’m guess you’re totally seeing where I’m coming from when I say I’m completely sorted with this matching set!


what emma did
what emma did
Most of you may know that I run my own little dress boutique, named no other than What Emma Did Boutique. Hey if you have a longstanding brand name, there’s no harm in giving it double usage! After a flourishing Spring season, the boutique has actually gone a little quieter over the Summer, due to work commitments being extremely busy. However, it’s not a permanent move – as soon as work has quietened down a little and I’m up to speed with everything, I’ll be buying in some exciting party season stock, ready for what will be my boutiques busiest season yet!

Midi, maxi, bodycon, off-the-shoulder, strapless, classic, glittering… just you wait until you see some new items!

dress 3
dress 4
With a long career history working within fashion retail, I’m always looking into customer shopping habits and discovering what works and what doesn’t. It goes without saying that for me, online retail works amazingly well. I don’t have to have a physical bricks and mortar shop, which keeps my overheads down. I can market online directly with potential customers via social media, sending them directly to my online shop. I can speak with bloggers and online influencers, and they can get a taste of my collections with just one click of a button.

I also came across this article on Fresh Plaza which highlights that 49% of people find tamper proof labels annoying when shopping for clothes, food, shoes or general items. Those labels which are a necessity to deter theft and keep items secure actually cause more annoyance to potential customers, where customers would rather not have them at all. When these safety labels are removed, customers complain that they can cause marks and defects to clothing items, as well as damaging other goods. The survey, carried out by Data Label, confirms that almost half of the population would possibly be happier shopping without them.

Which leads me to be proud of my online boutique and the fact I simply ship out my dresses, without the need for any safety tags or security measures!

what emma did
what emma did
dress 7
what emma did
At present, my main way of retailing is through ASOS Marketplace, and I also have a little dedicated section on the blog to my shopping page. However this is a little outdated at present, and I’m currently letting a few of my items go out of stock on ASOS, so that I can burst back onto the scene in September and October with fresh new designs, stylish photography, and lots of new inspirations and excitement for the Winter season.

So make the most of Summer shopping season ladies, because Autumn/Winter isn’t too far away, and in my opinion, it’s the best time for fashion!

what emma did
what emma did
what emma did

what emma did

You’ll find from reading my fashion posts on What Emma Did, that I’m pretty much a High Street girl with a huge desire for luxury, designer fashion. What that means is that although I appreciate the quality and sophistication of premium designerwear and exclusive brands, it’s much more obtainable for me to update my wardrobe with High Street brands. ASOS, H&M, Zara and Urban Outfitters are some of my favourites, but if I could, I’d pull out a Chloe dress or a pair of YSL heels for those killer events.

I’ve always been that girl who would treat myself to some £6.99 pair of shades from H&M just before going on holiday. But with that, I have a £6.99 attitude too. I don’t care if I throw my new aviators into my beach bag. I don’t care if I can’t put my hands on them one day. And when they are lost – whats the big deal? I can even stop off at Primark and get a replica pair for a whopping £2.99!

However, this year has seen a different side of me. I recently got my hands on my first pair of Ray-Bans back in May (take a read over here), and I realised a whole new attitude was formed. I started to actually care for and nurture these shades, because they were high quality. I started to clean them with the little cloth, make sure they are wrapped up in their case safely in my bag, and when I can’t find them, it’s my number one mission to uncover them.

So now its safe to say I’m on my second pair!

My second pair of Ray-Ban shades are from Sunglasses Hut, from the back of hearing about their latest fun campaign centered around expressing #ShadesOfYou. Sunglasses Hut are really big on selecting a style which represent your personality and vibe, so I decided to bear this in mind when choosing my newest pair.

I opted for what I call this stunning pair of Square Wrap Sunglasses from Ray-Ban, which have a dainty gold outline and circular lenses. They sit perfectly on my nose, and I’d say they are quite a unique shape in terms of what I usually go for. But I absolutely adore them! I feel like they really empower me and as daft as it sounds, actually enhance my face shape and appearance a little. Funny, but true….

I recently took them away with me to my recent camping and climbing trip to the Welsh Mountains, where you can see them coming in handy mid climb, and also when back at the campsite having a celebratory glass of wine out of a Lord of the Rings glass!

Have you ever indulged in the world of premium sunglasses? Or are you very much like I used to be – a firm fan of H&M and Primark? Do feel free to leave a comment!

If any of you came across my blog post back in May about my goals before turning 30, you’ll see that I conquered climbing Mount Snowdon. I’m fairly active when it comes to going to the gym and heading off on nice, leisurely walks, but trekking up one of the highest mountains wasn’t something I was sure I was capable of. Anyway, a goal is a goal, and when there’s something I want to do, I usually jump in with both feet. And it’s fair to say I loved every minute of it – hard slog and all the struggles aside – nothing beats that feeling of getting to the top (and having a celebratory hot chocolate at the top!)

Two months following my Snowdon climb, I’m pleased to say I conquered yet another mountain climb. The Glyders are two peaks second in height to Snowdon, so this week I set off on a camping trip for two nights in Capel Curig, Snowdonia, to accomplish climbing one of them. Glyder Fawr – I was ready for you!

wales a

Myself and my boyfriend heading down to Capel Curig on Friday evening, and opted for a campsite which has stunning views of Snowdon, Tryfan and the Glyders. It’s only a small campsite, called Bryn Tyrch Farm Campsite, next to a popular pub aptly named The Bryn Tyrch Inn. Despite the harsh winds and showers on Friday evening, we pulled up at around 8.30pm and pitched the tent, followed by a BBQ of pork and apple sausages, cheese and beef burgers, and a box of wine. Can’t think of a better way to get started!

When Saturday morning came, I kitted myself out in my professional walking clothes, and we drove to the foot of Glyder Fawr. I was told that apparently it’s similar in terms of difficulty to that of Snowdon, except the ground is worse, with lots of loose rock. So how did I find it?…

glyder fawr

First of all, the start of the walk was much more enjoyable than that of Snowdon. Snowdon doesn’t give you time to adjust – you just rock on up and hit the steep slope immediately. Glyder Fawr took us on a scenic, slow incline across the pretty lakes at the beginning, easing us in and introducing us to the climb ahead. However, when the real climb did kick it, boy did it kick in.

In my opinion, Glyder Fawr involved lots of actual rock climbing, to the point where I was crawling up the rocks and clutching onto the sides. It was steep, but you kind of don’t worry about it as much as you focus on each step of the way. Rock by rock…

mount  glyder fawr

However, although Snowdon gives you some breath-taking views on the way up, they are mostly due to the sheer height, and looking down is absolutely amazing. Glyder Fawr on the other hand brings you stunning views the whole way up, a little like some magical rainforest, with running streams, rock pools, waterfalls and clear lakes all popping up around each corner.

The hardest part was most definitley the final part, in which a good 15 minute walk through flat land then turned to one of the steepest pikes. The ground was covered with large loose rocks and slippery debris, making the climb a real killer on the legs. It was also covered in thick clouds, making visibility minimal and extremely cold! But, I got there! I perched behind a rock right at the top, cracked open my squashed up duck wraps, and had a little celebratory moment. The feeling when the reach the summit of any mountain is just unreal…

And once back at base, the Sun had come out to greet us, so it involved sitting in our camping chairs, sipping boxed wine from our novelty plastic cups, taking in our achievement. During the evening, we headed to the Byrn Tyrch Inn pub and scoffed a whole lot of food. Chicken Schnitzel and chips was on the menu for me! Oh and of course, a good few JD and Diet Cokes…


wales b

Whilst I was doing the climb, I owe it to two new favourite beauty products of mine which kept me looking fresh and made-up. I’m not a fan of going without make-up, so I did keep it fairly minimal on this particular adventure. I dusted my face with an all over light coating of Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Perfect Glow Bronzer, and used this fantastic eyebrow palette from Shavata to keep my brows shaded and filled. How cute is this appearance of this bronzer for a start? What a genius idea, embedding a cheery quote into the actual bronzer, to lift your mood and feel sunshiney when applying a touch of colour! I’ll put together a more dedicated post for both the brow palette and the bronzer, properly trialing them out with some nice images. So stay tuned!