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Lifestyle: Pizza Making at Criniti’s, Manly, Sydney.

2014 April 15
by What Emma Did

To say that I have almost spent half a year in Sydney and hadn’t yet visited Manly was becoming a bit ridiculous. I know that Summer time is the best time to go and visit, with it’s famous beaches and surf competitions, but hey better late than never. We’re in April now and it’s only going to get colder. So I finally planned a trip to go, and it actually fell in with the evening time, which meant jumping on the ferry at night whilst all of Sydney’s biggest attractions and city building were lit up and looking spectacular. I know Manly is meant to be a lovely daytime trip, but I would recommend the ferry journey over there just after sunset to really admire the views of this iconic city at night!

IMG 7288 1024x764 Lifestyle: Pizza Making at Crinitis, Manly, Sydney.
IMG 7289 1024x764 Lifestyle: Pizza Making at Crinitis, Manly, Sydney.

IMG 7291 1024x764 Lifestyle: Pizza Making at Crinitis, Manly, Sydney.

IMG 7292 1024x764 Lifestyle: Pizza Making at Crinitis, Manly, Sydney.
So as you can see, the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge looked breath-takingly beautiful all illuminated. Anyway, the reason I was visiting Manly on a weekday evening was because I had kindly been invited along to a real Italian woodfire pizza making class by famous Italian restaurante Criniti’s – home of the 2 metre pizza I previously blogged about in Darling Harbour. The class is usually made up of approx 15 passionate chefs-in-the-making who all pay $89 to take part in an intense cooking lesson. Not only do you learn all the skills and make the pizza from scratch, but you get to personalise your pizza to your taste, take it home with you, gather round with the class and share 3 meters worth of pizza, before indugling in a dessert pizza! So I guess you have to really be into your pizza to participate in this kind of thing…

IMG 7300 1024x764 Lifestyle: Pizza Making at Crinitis, Manly, Sydney.

IMG 7309 1024x764 Lifestyle: Pizza Making at Crinitis, Manly, Sydney.
The restaurant itself has an authentic decor, and a slight warehouse type feel with exposed brick walls and slate flooring. We all gathered in a room slightly away from the diners, where we recieved complimentary wine and beer before getting our hands covered in the dough for the base making session. First we worked with the right quantities of flour, adding water at different intervals to make sure the texture of the dough was correct. I have to admit mine wasn’t the best, but eventually it got better! Then came adding extra ingredients such as yeast and oil to give the base the correct substances to bake and rise.

IMG 7312 1024x764 Lifestyle: Pizza Making at Crinitis, Manly, Sydney.
The hardest bit was actually spinning the dough around in your hands to stretch out the base. This is where my piece of art started getting holes and falling apart in certain places. Good job dough is repairable! The chef who trained us all up used this part as a perfect excuse to show off his skills, spinning the dough in the air, throwing it, catching it, and stretching it out in 5 seconds flat. I didn’t really think this bit was worth me copying or my dough would have been a splatter on the floor. The next bits were a lot easier – decorating the pizza! I made a lovely topping combination of tomato puree, mozzarella, ham, mushroom and basil leaves, before setting it aside for 15 minutes in the woodfire ovens to bake away…

IMG 7315 764x1024 Lifestyle: Pizza Making at Crinitis, Manly, Sydney.
So the final result was actually really impressive – my pizza tasted like one I ordered the previous time I visited Criniti’s, so I was more than impressed to take it home with me! And sitting down with all the rest of the class indulging in meters of pizza after a history lesson about the restaurant and the food making process was really interesting and beneficial, especially if your a bit of a foodie like myself.

We left the class with goody bags filled with Italian treats such as baked cakes and packs of spaghetti to conclude our Italian experience. So, the verdict? Well I would recommend the class as a really good gift for a friend who loves their pizza! If your interested in this kind of thing too, check out the website here for more details.  Bring a friend along with you and have a really good over indulgent night out!

IMG 7375 Lifestyle: Pizza Making at Crinitis, Manly, Sydney.

IMG 7328 764x1024 Lifestyle: Pizza Making at Crinitis, Manly, Sydney.

Beauty: Make-Up Training at Makeup School Sydney

2014 April 13
by What Emma Did

Whilst I’ve been a busy girl getting swept away with Australia, my Australian life has been made up of working in the fashion industry, seeing friends, continuous nights out, dinners, tourist type trips, beach or house BBQ gatherings… with absolutely no time to focus my make up artistry! So I decided that whilst 2015 holds enough of my friends weddings to fulfill a whole Summer diary, I should take a little refresher class whilst in Sydney before I fly back to England in time to make all my bridal friends look pretty on their big days…

After a couple of days researching some classes, I decided to opt for a 3 hour intense master class at the Makeup School Sydney, just a number of buildings down from my work in Sydney CBD. I haven’t brought my kit over to Aus with me, so the class involved usage of all the professional tools which was handy, and there would also be a number of us in the session. So I headed down after work during the week, and was greeted to a glass of champagne and an introduction to the class and itinerary of the lesson.

IMG 7191 764x1024 Beauty: Make Up Training at Makeup School Sydney

IMG 7192 764x1024 Beauty: Make Up Training at Makeup School Sydney
The masterclass was taught by Jay Jay, a make-up artist to the celebrities for years, and has a history of teaching all kinds of levels. She started out by training us all on a natural, everyday make-up look suitable for the office, before leading onto an evening look, focusing on the popular smokey eye. Along the way, Jay Jay gave us tips on areas such as face shapes and where to contour, highlighting, the best way to create a smooth liquid eyeliner flick, how to shape eyebrows correctly, and the best ways to blend eye make-up to avoid any harsh lines. I was told I have a heart shaped face, which I have been told before although I’m never too sure about the exact shape of my face, and Jay Jay went into detail about the best ways to contour to my own shape which was brilliant to know.

IMG 7201 764x1024 Beauty: Make Up Training at Makeup School Sydney

So here’s a tip! Everyone wants an oval shaped face. No matter what you say, an oval shape face is the ‘perfect’ face shape which allows perfect looking features. To contour correctly, you have to work with the idea of an oval face. So obviously we don’t all have one, so what you have to imagine is an oval shape over your own face, and anything that sits outside of that shape needs to be shades and contoured, as bronzing and shading brings features ‘backwards’. So, for a heart shape face like me own, my cheek bones and temples are to be shaded, the outer underneathe of my jaw line needs to be shaded, and the hairline that sits outside of the oval needs to be shaded. Once contoured with a bronzer type blush, your face starts to take share ‘perfectly’. It is hard to describe, but that is a basic tip for starting to create the ideal contoured face.

As for highlighter- this brings features forward, so has to be used in very small amounts. The only face features that need bringing forward and highlighting are the corners of your eyes (to give the illusion your eyes sit further apart. This is a facial feature of all top models) and also the tops of your cheek bones, under the brow bone and ever so slightly down the centre of your nose. Contour correctly, and you can create a whole new look and dimension to your face!

IMG 7194 1024x764 Beauty: Make Up Training at Makeup School Sydney

I felt like during the class I hardly used much foundation coverage, or technical eye shading skills, but came out feeling like I had learnt so many new tips and practiced everything on myself during the end of the class, creating a fresher look on myself. Makeup School Sydney charge $80 for an intense 3 hour session, and if you have already learnt a few tips beforehand and are looking at expanding your practice and knowledge, it’s a really good class to get involved in! Excuse my grainy iPhone camera, the quality is shocking but a new iPhone isn’t top of my agenda right now so poor quality imagery will have to do for now…

IMG 7212 Beauty: Make Up Training at Makeup School Sydney

IMG 7196 Beauty: Make Up Training at Makeup School Sydney
If you wanted to fast track in becoming a make-up artist and are starting from the beginning, the school offers an intense Saturday, Sunday and Monday class for $1,000 which teaches you everything non-stop for 3 days. It sounds like a really technical, hands-on class which will teach you so many skills, I was even tempted to do it if I had $1,000 spare just to top up my training. Check it out Sydney MUA’s in the making!


Fashion: Dressing For The Races

2014 April 6
by What Emma Did

So back in the UK we saw ladies day at Aintree! I used to  attend as a regular almost every year, and my highlight to date was going along as a blogger for Matalan and reporting about the event for BBC North West Today and Tonight. A day like that will be hard to beat! However, there’s no need for me to feel like I’m missing out on these occasions whilst being in Sydney, as I went along to Ladies Day at Rose Hill Gardens in Sydney and had a taste of what an Australian Ladies Day at the races was like too! The answer… just the same as the UK! But did I mention sunnier skies, greener grass, prettier floral displays and a more lavish atmosphere?

IMG 7045 764x1024 Fashion: Dressing For The Races
IMG 7037 1024x764 Fashion: Dressing For The Races


When it’s ladies day, or races in general, girls usually start making a really big deal out of what outfit to put together and can make it into a bigger stress than it actually is. Dressing for the races should be a fun task, and when it starts getting stressful that’s when you know your making it into a much bigger song and dance than it should be. Here’s some tips that I put together to keep it simple and stress-free…

1. Chose a dress. Yes a dress – not a playsuit, or skirt and top, or two piece little suit. Just opt for a dress. It can be mini, midi or maxi, but just make sure its a dress and ideally one where you can get your legs out. Tights just don’t seem to cut it when it’s the races – however I totally understand the UK weather sometimes messes that idea up.

2. If you can’t decide what style of dress to go for and your sending yourself crazy, go for either a shift dress, a bodycon dress, or a smart, sleeveless above the knee dress. Maxi dresses can sometimes need taking up in length, and if your short, they can make you look shorter and stumpier, so if you are unsure then I would avoid this option. Avoid ‘trends’ if you are also struggling – that’s no peplum, cut-out, skater or bold prints. You’ll only look back at photos in years to come and cringe. I can’t stress how much keeping it simple is so much classier –  classic styles will make you look effortlessly glam. This year, I opted for a fitted burgundy dress from Topshop with a low rise back. Looked quite simple and grown up from the front, but the back gave it a more daring look (incase you go out straight after… these things need thinking about!)

IMG 7023 764x1024 Fashion: Dressing For The Races

3. Hair accessories and hats can be really confusing if you don’t usually wear them. Hats with netting can look fantastic, but if you don’t feel like ‘you’ then your going to spend the day being conscious. Instead, go for a headband style fascinator – mine this year was from David Jones and wasn’t too fancy, it just added that extra embellishment to my hair. Pick one in neutral colours like creams, blacks, greys or beige so you feel comfortable wearing it and don’t look too over the top. I don’t usually wear hats or fascinators, so when I do I keep it subtle so I still feel like ‘me’.

4. Keep your clutch bag and your heels matching. Again, you can’t go wrong with neutrals if you are a little unsure. Creams, blacks, browns, greys, golds and silvers. And yes I stressed ‘clutch’ and ‘heels’ – that means no shoulder bags or crossbody bags and no flat shoes! It is the races, it is a formal occasion and a very dressy one at that. Girls are watching other girls (and guys are watching girls for that matter too!) so your posture is important. Stand tall in heels and look feminine! A gorgeous, pretty dress means nothing if you don’t have the heel stance to go with it. Plus heels will give the illusion of a longer, slimmer leg, and a clutch bag means you have no bag obstructing your dress yet always have a cute accessory in your hand (as well as your glass of wine!).

IMG 7061 Fashion: Dressing For The Races

5. For Australians, check out the luxury department stores such as David Jones for hair accessories and hats that are timless, classic and fantastic quality. It’s a lavish affair so don’t scrimp on ‘cheap’ – a cheap fascinator will stand out miles. UK readers – House of Fraser tend to have some great racewear accessories too, so worth a try visiting!

Now don’t go asking me for betting tips…that I can’t help with…


Lifestyle: To Hotel It Up At Glastonbury?…

2014 April 2
by What Emma Did

I attended Glastonbury back in 2008, and I have to say that those who know me would probably be shocked I ‘roughed it up’ for 5 nights in a tent. Well I did… but it was hard work and something I’m not sure I could repeat again! 3 nights was enough…by day 4 my hair was stuck to my head and by day 5… well it’s pretty much unimaginable! So here’s some news I was happy to hear today -festival goers attending this year’s Glastonbury now have the option of sleeping in their own private Snoozebox hotel room, with all the facilities they would want, close to the action at Glastonbury.

snoozebox Lifestyle: To Hotel It Up At Glastonbury?...

Each Snoozebox hotel room sleeps two people either as a double or a twin.  The cleverly designed, compact and comfortable Snoozebox hotel room is self-contained and features free wifi, an LCD TV, air conditioning/ heating, an en-suite wetroom and power sockets to keep all your devices charged.  For peace of mind and security all rooms have key card entry and a personal safe,  To complete the hotel experience every room has crisp linens and towels with complimentary toiletries and daily housekeeping.

The dedicated Snoozebox Hotel team will be on-site to look after you throughout your stay. Lorcán Ó Murchú, Snoozebox CEO, said, “A Snoozebox hotel puts our guests at the heart of the action, creating the ultimate event experience.   We take care of everything else, from a hot shower to a good night’s sleep, making sure our guests are ready for another day of partying”.

snoozebox a Lifestyle: To Hotel It Up At Glastonbury?...

“Glastonbury is the largest festival of its kind in the world, and Snoozebox is delighted to be making its debut there in 2014. We’re looking forward to making Glastonbury 2014 extra special for our guests.” Situated a short walk from Gate A, on a stunning site with views of Glastonbury Tor, Snoozebox is offering a 5 night bed and breakfast package, based on two sharing, from £1,995. A little bit pricey, but if your going to make a ‘holiday’ out of Glasto, then it could be something to consider!

glasto Lifestyle: To Hotel It Up At Glastonbury?...

So what else is involved? The Snoozebox Glastonbury package runs from Wednesday 25 June to Sunday 29 June and includes a continental breakfast each morning, and is based on two sharing. Event tickets are not included. . In 2014, Snoozebox will be deploying hotels at major events such as the Isle of Man TT, the British Grand Prix, Glastonbury, Download, Moto GP and the Ryder Cup amongst others, and offer free secure on-site parking for the duration of your stay.

Who said festivals had to include camping?

Beauty: Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Kit

2014 March 30
by What Emma Did

Recently, with coming over to Australia and having a complete change of lifestyle, a lot of readers have been asking me about my skincare regime and if I have changed it, or grown to love any Australian brands whilst I’ve been over here. So I decided to work up a skincare post where I review Dermalogica’s mediBac clearing kit and also touch on a number of other brands and products to give you an idea of what products I have been using lately, and what I’m rating and hating!

Before I left for Aus five months ago, my skin with virtually flawless. I was on a dairy free diet and using a mixture of Elemis, Dermalogica and Garnier skincare products. I wasn’t wearing any make-up to work as I didn’t really need to, and overall I was happy with my skincare regime. However, as the sun is meant to be beneficial to most people for skin, it actually plays havoc with mine, and after five months of being in the scorching hot Australian summer sun, the odd spot likes to return and i’d rather not go foundation free as much! I have always had a good relationship with Dermalogica – Victoria Beckham swears by the products so if they are good enough for VB then I’ll have some of it too. So I bought the mediBac clearing skin kit from David Jones which contains a skin wash, sebum clearing masque, clearing mattifier, overnight clearing gel ans concealing spot treatment.

IMG 7131 1024x764 Beauty: Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Kit

Here’s my opinions of each item, in case any of my readers are thinking of purchasing this range:

Clearing Skin Wash: Great product in terms of the quantity you need – a tiny pea sized amount is all you need and it foams and cleans brilliantly. Leaves skin soft, clean feeling and no signs of redness to say it contains a percentage of salicylic Acid. I din’t notice it rapidly clearing up any spots or marks, but it didn’t aggregate skin either. If anyone has major skin problems or suffers from acne, I wouldn’t imagine this would be a miracle cure. But it is a very effective wash for the odd skin concern.

Sebum Clearing Masque: One of my favourite items from the kit. It only contains 0.5% salicylic acid, so if you want cell renewal or fast acting red mark removal, it’s going to take a while to work. But in terms of clearing the odd spot and refining skin texture and softness, it’s great! It isn’t harsh and I leave it on for up for 30 mins sometimes even though 10 is recommended. and it works a treat.

IMG 7132 1024x764 Beauty: Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Kit

Overnight Clearing Gel: I found this a great little product for when I have suffered a random break-out and I want a quick clear up. You simply dab the clear gel onto the area before you go to bed, and I found skin was soothed by morning. It doesn’t miraculously diminish the spots overnight, but with 2-3 nights worth of application it definitely helps with speeding up the healing process. Would recommend buying the full size version of this and keeping it by your bedside!

Clearing Mattifier: A product to be worn under make-up and moisturiser, as well as having skin clearing properties this cream aims to fill in lines and create a smooth skin texture. It melts into the skin really well and has a silicone base which makes this cream ideal for using as a primer too. I can’t really comment on it’s skin clearing abilities as I have only used this a couple of times, although I have loved the feel of the product and would rate it brilliantly as a primer.

Concealing Spot Treatment: This is a fab product for those days when you don’t want to put a full face of make-up on but you need to do a little bit of concealing, yet treating at the same time. The concealer provides a medium coverage over spots and marks, and blends into skin smoothly. If your one of those people who wants a concealer that treats at the same time, then this is a good quality concealer. Again I can’t really review the products ability to improve spots as I used this in combination with the skin wash and clearing gel at night, however I do think that all these mediBac products work well together to clear up congestion overall.

I also use the Dermalogica Clear Start Matte Moisturiser, which doesn’t come as part of the same range but it is a product I have been faithful too for a long time! If you have oily/combination skin, this is a great moisturiser. I put this on every morning and I never get any shine all day, and I have natural oily and shiny skin. It smells amazing and blends into skin well, sinking in quickly meaning I can pop my make-up on a minute after. I don’t have any tendencies to change my moisturiser, as I am happy with this one and definitely recommend it for oil/shiny/spot-prone skin types!

IMG 7133 810x1024 Beauty: Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Kit

Speaking of currently living in Australia, I have just purchased a product from a big USA and AU brand called NeoStrata. The NeoStrata brand contains products that aim to improve skin texture, skin clarity, wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration. I have had almost 5 solid months in the sun which has caused lots of freckles, red marks and sun damage to my skin, in particularly around my cheeks, so I was interested in trialing a product from this range. The product range is huge and so many of them have good reviews, but I just wanted to review the one, so I whittled it down to the Ultra Smoothing Lotion with 10% AHA. I have only used this product twice up to now so I will be posting my thoughts on it in a months time. Keep a look out!

So there’s a little skincare product update for you! I have high hopes for the NeoStrata brand so lets hope I’m not disappointed..

Hair: Aveda Tribe Salon Review

2014 March 26
by What Emma Did

A quick post today focusing on a hair salon review, which I very rarely cover on the blog, however after a disastrous week last week I decided it was worth a write up! Basically, after highlighting my hair since I have been about 14 years old, I can’t remember a time when a salon has messed up producing blonde highlights. Sure I’ve had the odd slip-up where it’s been too brassy or a little bit too dull, but in general, UK hairdressers tend to get blonde hair right. I’ve been a full head brunette and gone from dark brown to bright blonde in two sittings, without any slip-ups or mistakes.

So after 8 months of growing my natural hair colour and booking into Vee Vee Hair Salon in Sydney’s Bondi Junction, I was horrified that they managed to mess up a half head of blonde highlights. Instead of natural looking, fine highlights of different blonde shades, I got a drastic stripe of contrasting white blonde and light brown. Who would ever think to do that? Even worse, I went back the next day for the ‘manager’ to correct it and she ended up messing up the toner so much I ended up with a blue tinge and an even more dramatic stripe!

Anyway… Aveda Tribe to the rescue. I have been aware of Aveda for years and years, and always associated the brand with being premium and a leader in the haircare industry. However, I wasn’t aware that there are special Aveda hair salons dotted around until I came to Sydney.

aveda 1 1024x535 Hair: Aveda Tribe Salon Review

I’m currently contracting for David Jones Head Office in Sydney CBD within online marketing, and I noticed a luxury Aveda Tribe hair salon on the lower ground floor of their flagship department store. I walked in on my lunch break and sat down with a lady who I can only describe as truly professional and a hair care genius. She took one look at the blonde disaster and knew exactly how to correct and treat it – without putting any colour or bleach back onto my hair! She booked me in with a stylist for that evening, and after a detox shampoo and a gloss treatment, I walked out of the salon with a natural, warm, blended blonde colour all over. No dyes or bleach or toners used. Professional, well trained hair dressers are so under-rated these days- you can’t beat the relief and happiness you feel when you know you are in good hands. The stylists at Aveda Tribe didn’t even need to explain to me how they were going to correct the mess, they just ensured me they would do it and I needn’t worry about a thing, especially as I was worried I was going to undergo my third session of bleach! I left with a goody bag of miniature hair product samples too which so far have been brilliant products to trial (Aveda moisture shampoo and conditioner for dry hair – incredible!)

aveda 972x1024 Hair: Aveda Tribe Salon Review

Hair salon reviews from a personal account are priceless, so I wanted to share with your my positive experience at the Aveda Tribe salon. If you are new to Sydney and want a recommended hairdressers, look no further. The salon I attended was situated on the lower ground at David Jones as mentioned above, however there may be more situated around the city. I will most definitely be returning when it’s time for a blonde top up! Go check them out Sydneysiders!

Beauty: Taking A Look At Arbonne

2014 March 23
by What Emma Did

As a beauty blogger, I am always interested in hearing about brands I haven’t been made aware of yet, and of course, testing them out. I’m loyal to a number of brands and have a few hero products I purchase every month, but love trialing new ones to see if they can make it into my beauty bag essentials . So for this month, I was introduced to Arbonne – a brand developed in Switzerland which aims to provide skincare products unparalleled in quality and effectiveness. Put together by leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists, Arbonne has been born based on botanical principles, and the brand states the products naturally enhance your beauty and well-being with products that are safe, pure and beneficial. A friend of mine who I have met over in Sydney introduced me to Arbonne as she is one of the brands independent consultants, who raise awareness of the Arbonne brand. Just from being friends with her I had already learnt a lot about the brand and have seen/tested a large number of the products, however I was more than happy to attend an evening put together by my friend and another Arbonne consultant where they talked about working for the company as an independent consultant, and of course, giving us the low down on the collections… with lots of cheese and wine too!

IMG 6885 1024x1024 Beauty: Taking A Look At Arbonne
Arbonne’s product range doesn’t just cover the usuals – skincare, cosmetics and haircare, but also covers nutrition, sun protection and fragrances. Therefore Arbonne offers a ‘lifestyle’ – not only can you shop for products which really treat and look after your skin and hair, you can also have a collection of make-up products that care for your skin too, as well as a wide range of vitamins and minerals which look after you from the inside. I was really interested to see that whilst I can shop my essential beauty products, I can also shop for antioxident vitamins, fitness protein shakes and bars, herbal teas and dietary supplements if I wish too! A nice change, as I usually go to different brands for all of the above.

The product range at Arbonne is huge, covering every skin concern from anti ageing, sensitive, acne-prone and everyday basics. There is even a collection for men, which is a growing area within the beauty industry.

IMG 6889 1024x1024 Beauty: Taking A Look At Arbonne

Everyone’s skin concerns are different, but I know for myself I usually go for products that have cell renewal which get rid of any sun damage or red marks left from previous skin outbreaks, as well as taking care of aging (I know I’m only 27 but you got to start somewhere!) so I was happy to see a collection of cell renewal products at Arbonne which aim to increase cell turnover, exfoliate and reveal brighter, smoother skin, in particularly the RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque. I haven’t tried this product range yet, but the masque especially is on my list of products to buy!

However, I did take away a selection of products from the Clear Control range and also the anti-aging RE9 Corrective Eye Creme which glides on so easily and melts into under eye skin smoothly. I only used the eye cream for two days before I started to feel like the skin around my eyes looked brighter and the little squinting lines a little less obvious.

As for the Clear Control range, this would be a good one for teenagers or those in their mid twenties suffering from spot prone and oily skin. The collection of skin wash, cleanser, toner and clarifying cream all aim to work together to create spot-free skin without using harsh chemicals which can ruin the skin after long term use…

IMG 6893 764x1024 Beauty: Taking A Look At Arbonne
If you are interested in a brand which delivers a product range made up of luxury, quality products that care to look after skin and well-being with natural ingredients, you might want to have a look on the company website and see what you think. If you are also passionate about working with this product range and creating a business for yourself, it could be worth looking into the routes to take for becoming an independent consultant for Arbonne. There are lots of incentives, rewards and travel opportunities whilst working for the brand, and if beauty is your passion, you could succeed very highly in the business!

Take a look at (Australian site) or for everyone else worldwide!

Lifestyle: Sharing Product Loves With

2014 March 23
by What Emma Did

Just a quick little post this Sunday evening to highlight to you all about a fab product sharing website called If you are one of these shoppers who loves to share with people your favourite items and products, and also love to see what products other shoppers are raving about, then this could be worth checking out!

I joined today to join in with it’s lively growing community to see what products others are featuring and listing, and also to share some of my loves. As you all know, I am a make-up product and beauty industry fanatic, therefore I set up my list based on my Top 10 make-up and beauty products that I would recommend for someone unsure of what brands and hero products to chose from. I have also followed some fellow cosmetic queens on the site too, so I can see what products they are showcasing on their lists too.

list Lifestyle: Sharing Product Loves With

It’s a great site for discovering new products, sharing ideas and just generally following interesting people and hoping to get some cool followers yourself! Check it out here...

Lifestyle: eBay Collections

2014 March 23
by What Emma Did
98018 36465 1400988 27682 20081 1 Lifestyle: eBay Collections

If your not an eBay addict, or a regular visitor to the worldwide buying and selling site, then I simply cannot imagine your shopping life and habits. My name is Emma and I am an eBay addict – I have been an avid fan and eBay lover for possibly 10 years. It is actually part of my life… before I buy any cosmetic or skincare products, I ‘nip’ on eBay and check out who is selling on there first. If a gig comes to my city, I’ll check the ticket section first. But more so, I sell on eBay too… I work in the fashion industry so having new clothes and a fresh wardrobe are just parts of my everyday life, so I am quick to sell my clothes on the website after only one or two wears. If I’m not going to get anymore wear out of something, then it makes sense to sell it. Now surely if you haven’t been on eBay yet, my little speech just then has tempted you a little bit?

It is gradually taking over the shopping world, in my eyes anyway. And the most exciting news to date is that they have just launched eBay Collections- where buyers and sellers can set up their own profiles which feature various ‘boards’ mapping out different themes, trends, areas to showcase favourite products. It is like your own little creative hub to share ideas related to fashion, home, beauty, electronics and lifestyle, little hubs of mood board inspired pin boards to tell a story about a certain look, or to simply express inspiration to shoppers. It’s your ‘collections’ – anything you want to visually showcase, you can!

ebay collections Lifestyle: eBay Collections

So I started to get creative throughout January and set myself up a number of collections displaying my favourite fashion trends and themes. Your profile and boards are a mere reflection of yourself and what you love, so it made sense to focus mine on uber cool trends and style-inspired collections. From ‘Let’s Hear It For New York’, ‘‘Parisian Pretty‘ and ‘Country Girl’ to ‘Vintage Home‘, you can see I have focused on the fashion capitals and their looks, to sought after home inspirations and ideas.

ebay col 1024x441 Lifestyle: eBay Collections

My aims behind my collections is to introduce shoppers into my world of colour, ideas, style, quirky finds and more importantly – creativity! Browse the collections and open up your mind to exciting shopping themes and fantastic finds that you wouldn’t always think of or know about. The retail industry needs a little bit of fun adding to it every now and again, so why not embrace your visual creative side and divulge into a moment of browsing…

Take a look at my eBay Collections here, where you will find a few of my favourite things!

Sponsored Post: In partnership with eBay

Lifestyle: The 2 Meter Pizza at Crinitis, Darling Harbour, Sydney.

2014 March 16
by What Emma Did

Here is a post for all you pizza lovers out there! For a ‘unique’ dining experience, especially for birthdays and occasions, head to Crinitis in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. Not only does it boast harbour-side views and a buzzing atmosphere for all the bars, restaurants and attractions Darling Harbour has on offer, but it also is home to the *drum roll please* 2 meter pizza!

1795661 10152247468670189 1867119451 n Lifestyle: The 2 Meter Pizza at Crinitis, Darling Harbour, Sydney.

I don’t know about you but I for one am a massive fan of pizza – it is a total weakness. So to hear about a 2 meter size of crust, pizza dough and various toppings, along with alcohol of course, is a dream for me! You can have up to 6 toppings on the pizza, but we opted for four – ham & pineapple, BBQ chicken, four cheese and meat feast. The verdict? It was incredible and I shamefully ate more than anyone! Between 6 of us, it worked out to cost $28 dollars each, but you could easily have 8 of you sharing this size which would make it even cheaper.

I cannot recommend enough! A Sydney favourite…